How to Inflate Your Pouch Couch – How To Video

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to start enjoying the official pouch couch simply open it up and unclip the securing buckle hold the black chamber opening and unroll youll see that the pouch couch has two chambers with your free hand open each of the chambers to make sure that the airways are clear if youre going outdoors take advantage of the wind to help you inflate for this demonstration were going to

inflate indoors but you use the same basic movements whether inside or outside to in play open up the top chamber while keeping the bottom chamber closed pull the opening forward in one swift movement to collect air in the chamber then quickly close the opening at the end of each movement dont swing your arm rather keep your arms straight in front of you as you move

forward to collect air repeat this movement a few times until the top chamber is semi filled with air next repeat these steps to fill the other chamber with air when your pouch couch is about 80% inflated grab the end of the chamber and roll it up tightly three or four times pull the rolled up chamber toward you and connect the securing buckle congratulations your pouch

couch is set up and ready to go when its time to deflate and store your pouch couch just put it on its side and unclip the securing buckle then unroll the end of the sleeve and open each sleeve opening to allow air to escape when your pouch couch is deflated grab the seamed end and tightly roll it up to the other end in a tight

uniform roll so the pouch couch will fit properly in its travel pouch bring the ends together and reconnect the securing buckle slide pouch pouch back into the travel pouch and youre ready to go with a little practice youll be able to set up and break down your pouch pouch in seconds thanks for watching we know youre going to love lounging on the official patch couch

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