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yo guys my names dealer and today we are going to do this nothing special ? huh ? then how about this ? first of all I want to say that I found this method accidentally when I was playing with my video files so its not official and it does not always work but Ive checked it on few devices and it worked almost every time so its worth giving a try because you wont have to convert your files and this method also doesnt change the video quality so you can easily import a vary large files into

After Effects or premiere so all you need is K Lite mega codec pack you can find download link in the description below you have to install it and set it as default windows player now everything is ready so lets do some magic open file explorer go to view and enable filename extensions select your MKV file right click and rename it and heres the funny part you can use only letters and numbers delete MKV and replace it with AVI you will probably get a message from Windows about changing the file format hit yes now simply select

and drag your file to after-effects this also works with premiere theres one thing to be careful about some mkv files can have a non-standard framerate and After Effects can throw an error when you want to import them ignore this error click OK select your file right click and choose interpret footage main and hell choose conform to frame rate and now it works fine just remember about your file framerate in case you would like to use twixtor or something so thats it thank you very much for watching I hope you liked it and see you next time

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