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hello YouTube in five five nine Fresno here Im going to teach you how to fix your iPhone 3G which is stuck in recovery mode error ten, 15 all this probably happened you remember being unlocked you were using on t-mobile or whatever you click the update or the restore button in iTunes and went through all the way then it got stuck stat error ten, 15 and now you all you see is this good news it is fixable and Im going to teach you step by steps and song my last video some people couldnt fix it step by step you need an actual tutorial so thought Id make this this is only for the 3G if you have a 3GS look at my other video the way you can tell is the 3G will be written in grey right here but the 3GS will have all the writing in chrome like this maybe just a second the 3GS will have chrome writing like it will be shiny just like the Apple logo okay so now that we verified that you have an iPhone 3G what you need to do is download three files one is read snow though there is an as a 4.2.1 custom firmware or aka custom restore and the 4.2.1 regular firmware just itll just say 4.2.1 restore okay so once thats done if youre running Windows 7 right-click and click properties itll give you an option to unblock right here just click that and go to compatibility run it in compatibility mode for windows xp service pack 2 then run it as an administrator click apply then click OK now just open up
The Voltreport error-1015-0 How to: Fix ERROR 1015 iPhone 3G STUCK ITUNES-STEP BY STEP!
red snow routes click browse right here will tell you um to browse itll say welcome to red snow zero point nine point six it doesnt matter which one Beta Phi Beta 6r c 9r c twelve as long as it says red snow zero point nine point six in this welcome spring see welcome to red smell zero point nine point six thats all we turned up okay so lets go to browse and let me start over once you click browse this window will open up you need to find your regular firmware non-custom not this one CSIS cusp you want to just get the regular one it will be wherever your firm or downloaded to so just click on it once and then click open it will be say processing then Ill say IPSW successfully identified thats good just click Next just say patching kernel okay youll see all this info like any custom logos on that we dont need that you need to uncheck install Cydia and uncheck enable battery percentage go downwards just entered Pontiac Nemo right now and just click that click next it will ask you to power off your device so what we right now is power off our device start its a little okay so what um to do the power it off is just hold the home in the power moon right now at the same time once the power is off to let go okay so were all good its plugged in okay so these are the steps youre going to have to do you have to hold the power button which is the button up here for about
The Voltreport error-1015-1 How to: Fix ERROR 1015 iPhone 3G STUCK ITUNES-STEP BY STEP!
three seconds itll tell you right here how many seconds to hold before after you hold that itll go down to the next step and then itll tell you to hold both this power button and this bottom home button for about ten seconds and itll tell you when to go to the next step after you hold both these buttons for about ten seconds release the power button but continue holding the home button so lets get started your device must be off click next CSS hold the power button for two seconds now it tells me to hold both the home and the power so Im doing that dont worry just keep holding it okay now were going to release the power button continue holding the home button for 15 seconds now theres only ten seconds remaining okay now once you see some writing movement you can let go set your iDevice aside I just say done your device own DFU mode and the screen should be black so this is why you entered 20th New Moon you want to restore your device to a custom IPSW to match the baseband you know the iPad baseband you clicked when you first unlock your iPhone you need to restore it to a firmware which has that day span thats cool but regular form or didnt have the same baseband and every time you update your phone iTunes tries to update the basement but since you were running six point 15.00 and the iPhones are in a 5 point something sequence iTunes couldnt update the baseband and it gave you error 1015 so thats why your device was stuck okay
The Voltreport error-1015-10 How to: Fix ERROR 1015 iPhone 3G STUCK ITUNES-STEP BY STEP!
so were going to open up iTunes now it should say iTunes has detected it an iPhone in recovery mode Im sure using this message like a million times probably hated okay so what youre going to do now is push the shift key on your computer youre going to have to hold that then youre going to go to where it says restore in iTunes see right here youre going to hold the shift key and then click restore and a window will pop up just like before this time youre going to select the iPhone 2 1 comma 2 custom restore select it click open and the top should say extracting firmware or software prepare an iPhone first one thats okay its all good just give us some time its doing a restore right now it should be done soon after this is all done just be sure to check out my other video on how to jailbreak it and re unlock it so Ill just wait here for the entire step to complete let it restore its doing its thing on try not to touch your iDevice on your iPhone you dont want it to get disconnected that wouldnt be a good thing so just better be safe than sorry just let it sit on your computer and I also know that when you look at the top right here it may show like its restoring more but down here on your iPhone its like a fourth of the way down up here its like a half of the way done dont worry thats all normal three so its almost done as you can tell on the
The Voltreport error-1015-11 How to: Fix ERROR 1015 iPhone 3G STUCK ITUNES-STEP BY STEP!
like halfway down on the iPhone this time youre not going to get the 1015 message which is a good thing the reason that the iTunes is almost all only done and then the iPhone is halfway is that baseband thing as you cant alright now the custom firmware it has the 6.15 baseband already in it so what thats going to do is its not going to update the baseband in youre going to be all good no more errors its going to finish and start from the beginning dont worry when it starts from the beginning its very quick okay as you can tell were almost none see before Im sure you remember to East just freeze right here and then eggs it um its not going to do that this time yeah I think its done almost finally items done the Apple thing is almost it didnt please dont worry its still working also please note its going to finish right now leave it plugged in almost done it didnt freeze on the time Letterman is kind of ending right now and then soon um if I dont get to finish the video as of now itll just finish everything will be back to normal just put your SIM card in your phone your AT&T one if you dont have 18 to you just watch my other video on how to jailbreak Ill link it in this video right now youll see like little pop-up window um I hope you liked watching this video please comment rate subscribe if you have any questions just leave it in the comment section so maybe someone else can help you too
The Voltreport error-1015-12 How to: Fix ERROR 1015 iPhone 3G STUCK ITUNES-STEP BY STEP!
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