How to Fix Avira Status “Action Required”

action required
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hey guys its been a very long time since Ive made a tutorial Ive been working on other things like related to school and short films that Ive been working on anyway I wanted to make a quick tutorial on how to fix more of like a glitch than a problem with the Veera I Ive noticed this on both my laptop and my desktop but when you hover over the aveer icon right here sometimes it shows that the status is it says action required and there are a few things that may help they have not really helped me but

they may help you you could scan your system go to system scanner on the left here and then right click full scan and then start that scan and it should take a few hours because in its scanning your whole system and there are other things that may help like you could try updating it just like that it shows that mine is up to date but one thing that works every single time with me hopefully it works with you every single time is you can restart the service you can restart one service that is associated with Avira one

week you can do that is from task manager just right-click right-click on the taskbar or hit control-alt-delete and hit task manager you would go to the services tab and then you would click on this service Avira dot service host you would either hit stop and once that stops you hit start or you hit this restart button I guess thats a little bit easier so right now Im I just hit the restart button and youll notice at the the bottom right hand corner the vira icon disappeared and then it reappeared and then it should bring up the status

as protected and you can also restart the service from the actual services window you can either open up services right here its not really necessary if you already have it open and task manager you can hit the Start menu or search windows and search for services you can also hit the windows button and our button to bring up the run box and then you would type in services.msc right here and hit OK and that should bring it up as well it doesnt matter if its unexpended or standard it should show up on either of those and just

right-click it and then you have these options all right so thats how to temporarily fix this problem and what I mean by that is if you fix the problem one day it might show up another day now I dont know why this happens its not really a problem like I said its more of a glitch with Avira it seems like hopefully Avira acknowledges this issue and tries to get it fixed and I hope I hope this video helps you out I mean I cant guarantee that this same problem will not happen in the future so thanks for watching

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