How To Enable Synonyms in MS Word – Simple Steps

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to enable synonyms option in Microsoft Word please click on start menu and then open control panel here please click on programs and then click on programs and features here in this list of programs please

locate the Microsoft Office program file please right click on it and then choose change okay then this window will open here please select add or remove Fletchs and then click continue in this list please

expand the office shared features expand it and then please select from here proof tools right-click on it and choose run all from my computer click on it and then please click on continue okay now

it is processing this may take some minutes so please wait after the completion please close this window now let us check please right click on the word you want read synonym and to see nanami

okay now it is working perfectly we hope this video will help you thank you for watching this video by a tech tips please like this video and subscribe our channel for the latest updates thank you

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