How to Delete All Bookmarks from Google Chrome!

how to delete all bookmarks
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Chrome is our go-to browser of choice thanks to its clean design wide range of extensions and other Chrome applications and of course the ability to sync content between your many devices running Chrome one of the key parts of Chrome is your full list of bookmarks which makes it easy to return to websites you visit frequently or to save sites that may hold importance later lets take a look at how to delete your bookmarks from Chrome to

do anything with your bookmarks youll have to start by diving into your bookmark manager this can be done by clicking on the triple dotted menu icon in the top right corner of the display then selecting bookmarks and bookmark manager from the list you can also get to your bookmark manager by typing Chrome colon slash slash bookmarks into the address bar within your browser this loads your entire bookmarks list complete with subfolders and mobile bookmarks alike these subfolders can

primarily be managed on the left side of your display but most of your bookmarks will probably appear in the main portion of your screen organized just as they typically are in your bookmarks folder deleting a single bookmark is easy click on the menu button next to each bookmark then click delete from the list of options the bookmark you selected will automatically be deleted from your list you can undo this deletion by clicking undo at the bottom of the

page for removing a few bookmarks this might work well but if you want to clear out dozens or even hundreds of bookmarks at once removing each individually will take far too long thankfully selecting and deleting multiple bookmarks is really easy and crumped instead of selecting the menu icon click on the first bookmark on your list to select it then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list hold shift on your keyboard and click on the

bookmark highlighting each of your bookmarks automatically if there are a few bookmarks you want to keep use ctrl or command to deselect them individually finally click the delete button at the top of the page to remove all the bookmarks youve selected your entire list of bookmarks will be automatically deleted from the page if you liked this guide make sure to check out these other videos you might like and subscribe to tech junky for brand new videos every day

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