How to Create a Yahoo Mail Filter

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in this video Im going to show you how to create email filters that way if you receive emails from a certain place or person lets say youre getting emails from Amazon and theyre getting lost in the group of emails that youre getting so if you want them to all go into one folder you can create a filter with yahoo mail so that all of those emails the Amazon emails will go in the Amazon folder to start off were going to create a folder named Amazon in this case Ive already created one so Im going to create a new folder

here were just going to call this one Facebook and all of our Facebook emails will go into that folder or all of our amazon emails will go into this folder okay now that we have created our folders that were going to put the emails into or have our filter directed towards now I want you to go on to you the upper right here where you see this gear logo icon and just you dont have to click on it just point over to it and go to settings click here then look for where it says filters click on that and

as you can see I have this one set up already so Im going to add the new one for Facebook you can name it whatever you want you can name it FB for Facebook or Facebook it doesnt matter just something that is easy to recognize for you and I found what works the best is to go to where it says subject over here you can have different conditions here but the one that seems to work best to me is when it says contained so leave it on that and itll look for something where the subject contains the word Facebook

then you just click Save and save again and youre done so the next time you want to see emails that go in there you will just click on it say this Amazon you click here and you see the email that you got for Amazon and all of the em and this will fill up with all of the Amazon emails this is a great sorting tool for keeping things organized when sometimes you get too many emails from too many different places I hope this helps if you have any questions you can contact me here in my youtube channel thank you

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