How to Create a Transparent Gradient in Photoshop

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hey everyone welcome to a quick Photoshop tutorial today I got a great question from Jeremy on how to create a gradient mask sort of fade that looks like this so I have my photo of myself that Ive already added and Ive already done this but Ill show you exactly how to do it so say I have a photo let me just turn off this group that I already created so say I have this photo and I place it on to my Photoshop project anywhere on this project is fine Ill put it over here on the right this time to create that sort of faded shape on top the easiest way to do it is to create a new solid color and this could be any color but lets just start with black if you want a black one fade because this is the easiest then were going to basically use the layer mask to create a gradient so if we click over here to the layer mask one thing that you can do with the layer mask is then take your brush tool by pressing B on your keyboard or clicking over here and then you can paint off this layer mask so you can see that my paintbrush Im using black so anywhere I paint its going to appear actually transparent Im actually erasing if I paint it white so if I click this button right here to switch from black to white or press X on my keyboard to switch it it paints black back on so let me actually just paint black on
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the whole thing like so and to increase the brush size what I did on a Mac is to press ctrl option and then drag to the left or the right but were not going to use the brush tool were going to use the gradient tool right here so if we take the gradient tool and then we select a black to white transition like so and then we create this gradient on this layer mask by clicking and dragging on this layer Im holding the shift key down to make sure its a straight gradient and then what happens is that the right side of this layer mask turns black and the left side is white so what that means is on the right side its a transparent where the black is and on the left side its white which is not transparent so you see the black if I turn off the black you see the photo behind it now you have to kind of play around with the shape of this gradient so if you want to just go a little bit shorter you can do that if you want to be a longer fade you can create a longer fade if you want it to be kind of more direct just a short fade like so we could just come back here and change the color like so or you can start with a different color so let me just delete this layer entirely Ill run through it one more time create a new solid color by clicking the item button down there solid color were
The Voltreport black-circle-fade-png-10 How to Create a Transparent Gradient in Photoshop
just gonna use my video school on line teal make sure that you click on the layer mask of the shape if you dont have the layer mask select this layer and click this layer mask button down here then click your gradient mask over here the gradient tool actually the granite tool and then turn it to a black to white or a white to black radiant so if we go white to black youre gonna see something like this we want black to white like this and then just play around with the fade to get it how you want cool so thats how you create a quick faded shape solid color in Photoshop one of the easiest ways to do it anyways and hopefully this has been very helpful for you thanks a lot and well see you in another tutorial a fill here and I hope you really enjoyed that tutorial if you want thousands more tutorials organized into courses and learning paths that take you from beginner to advanced in a ton of cool topics you should check out the video school online all-access pass and for those of you watching right now you can get the first month completely free after that its nine dollars a month you can cancel anytime no strings attached no questions asked head over to video school forward slash access to get your first month completely free and to join people from all around the world learning new skills and becoming better at what theyre passionate about thanks so much and I cant wait to see you inside
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