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hi there and welcome to this quick tip tutorial how to change page size in InDesign whether youre a beginner or a seasoned designer changing page sizes is something that will optimize your workflow different page sizes are used mainly in editorial design but these tools are also helpful when designing a brochure with more than four panels book jackets and many more in this quick tip we will take a look at three different ways to resize a page you can resize the whole document multiple selective pages or only one page it really depends on the project youre working on all you need for this tutorial is to download the exercise file the link will be in the description below and while youre ready we can dive in alright we can start with changing a page size with the document setup option you should use this technique if youre planning on resizing all the pages on your document and you wish to resize the elements as well I have my exercise file open here and we will start working with pages 1 & 2 head over to file on the menu bar and select document setup on this new window we have various options we can change starting with page numbers sizes margins and bleed and slug lets
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check the preview box so we can see that changes live lets head over to page size and here on the drop down menu we have some default sizes but well change the width to 8 inches and the height to 6 and we can see the changes already happening lets move this out of the way and you can see all the pages have already changed but none of the elements have moved so we can click OK if were happy with that if you will like the elements to resize with the page click on adjust layout on this option window you can also find options to auto adjust the margins to the page size or to leave it to maintain the original setting you can change the bleed this setting wont expand like the elements and then we have a very useful option which is the adjust font size setting you can allow the phone to resize along with the page or to keep it the same size so lets head over to waist and change that to 8 inches and the height is 6 check the adjust font size and click OK we can see what it looks like so the page has expanded here on the ruler we can see to 8 inches and 6
The Voltreport indesign-change-page-size-1 How to Change Page Size in InDesign
all of the pages and so has the fund so lets try what it looks like without adjusting the font so file document setup I just layout and this time lets not check the font size lets change the width and the height lets sleep that unchecked and click OK and we can see that the type hasnt expanded only the page press command set so we can go back to the original file and lets work on the second way of changing a page size head over to the pages panel and click on the edit page size button at the bottom of the panel and click on custom on the custom page size option window you will be able to find previous sizes youve used so you can select from here we dont have any so we can create our own and lets name this project 1 set the width to 8 inches and the height is 6 and click on add click on the project 1 again and click OK and we can see here that only one of the pages has changed and this will only be reflected on the actual layout not on the pages panel so the difference between the first technique and the second technique is that the elements 1 resize with the
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second technique now lets get into the third way of changing page sizes and we will focus on pages 3 to 5 lets head over to the tool panel and select the page tool or shift P and lets take a look at the control bar on the very left we have the reference point buttons the X&Y page location the width and height settings the default page sizes and gears project window we just created the orientation buttons on the second compartment we have the liquid page rule options and these options will give you the flexibility to assign multiple page sizes and orientations on the last compartment you will find the checkboxes for objects move click page and this will readjust the elements on the page as you resize it you will also find show master page overlay to show the master page outline on the page so lets work on these last three pages and well try to create a gatefold brochure that opens from the center using the page tool select the exercise gatefold one head over to the control bar and select the top right reference point this means that the page will be held from this point and it will shrink from the opposite side head over to width and change that to 3
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inches since we want the Center for to open from the center lets press V to select a selection tool and here we can see that the page has changed size but not the elements the elements are still the same now lets select the exercise gate for three page head over to the control bar and select the top left of reference point before we change the size lets change the liquid page rule so leave these two checkboxes empty and select liquid page rule scale set the width to 3 inches and you will notice that the element has resized with the page and now youve got a gatefold for sure so these are the three ways that you can use to change page sizes depending on what youre working on this is a great tool to have in your back pocket when it comes to designing brochures to have more than 4 panels book jackets and magazines many InDesign templates come in specific sizes so this is a great tutorial you can use to change the sizes while keeping the same style and there you have it this is how to change page size in InDesign I hope this tip helps you out and from all of us at enviro tips plus thank you for watching you
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