How To Add a Page Border in Google Docs (60 Secs)

how to make a border on google docs
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hello and welcome to my series of how tos in 60 seconds currently focusing on Google Docs so how to add a page border in Google Docs what youll need to do is to start off by decreasing the size of

the margins on your page by going to file page setup they start off as one-inch Ive reduced those down to a quarter of an inch next youll need to go to insert and then table insert a one by one

table sorry there is no page border it is just a table masquerading as a page border you can increase the size of that so that it fills the whole page and if you go to table and table properties you

can also change the thickness of your table and indeed the color of the outside line as well personally I also tend to increase the padding to about point two once youve done that you will have a page border you

put your text into and thats about the best you can have I hope you found that useful if you did please do give it a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe thank you very much for watching bye for now

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