How this duo abused Riot’s MMR system and went 79-0 in GOLD

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not much is known about riots mm our system and exactly how it works third-party websites like Opie Gigi have used algorithms to estimate players MMRs but its never been fully accurate but what if I told you that you could manipulate your own MMR even if you didnt fully know how it works its been done before by challenger players to compete for whats called the duo queue wind ray Drecker originally crowned by the duo porn star zillion in apocalypse in EU these two won 102 ranked games in a row playing Draven and Janna bot lane only reddit threads popped up and everyone was abuzz trying to figure out how this is even possible to win 102 ranked games and still only be Platt one with around diamond 3 MMR surely would reach challenger and Lamar by then right not exactly a new deal of rat IRL and apocalypse attempted to break this record a while back and while they still failed to beat it they revealed how they were able to win so many games without their MMR recovery you take a fresh account and have around 50 bad games in a row and it will become insanely hard to recover your MMR making it so that even after 100 games youre still playing against Golds now even though theres the temples and months ago and we cant go back and watch the replays we do have one screenshot somebody took when the accounts in take down to iron MMR and as you can see its pretty obvious intentional feeding that brings us to about a week ago when the latest you know commie khazix and Kenan Legend had a reddit thread posted about them and whether or not its okay that people are allowed to smear and intentionally feed games for the duo queue win rate record they also into the ton of games in preseason although they made it look a lot less suspicious than just nudist money running it down they were definitely very vigilant and not being auto-detected by rights band system now that we understand how these players can win so many games in a row without their MMR correcting pants our dragon former Rank 1 jungler and current top 100 in a player whos gonna analyze one of kamikazes games just to see how you can win 79 ranked games in a row be sure to watch until the end to see how they lost their first game to production value on live its got the moon imprints okay so every game that seems like they invade level one and okay so they invade every game getting free kill who got it Nautilus nice job Nautilus you know hey Kenan already a flash by the way oh so the can it also takes ignite because he wants to kill them because you know theyre silver Flairs got cheese gank and you can see the Lisa actually started a red buff smartly soon lets be honest here they invited bot side hes lets go talk box top side and then you know get that free buff lets just meet us up right now just farming boring boring boring we dont care oh the gameplay the gameplay is coming the flash cube and okay I would have a exited bot side cuz you know Leeson kind of started my red side and I kinda took my camps right here you know but lets see if he lives

through this lets just see oh the Lisa actually go for the kill on the top side lucky khazix very lucky in my opinion uh-oh I think he might die no hes got the Q alright so the jump you know I would have held it until hes out of auto range or Q range but he present predict that hes gonna go this way he could have actually screwed it up not bad not bad I see how the wind streaks going you know this car looks off to a great start this cannon and I getting a teeny little nicked Oh gets pulled is yall play this yeah all right trade nope poor with a horrible trade but I dont know and you see the kills bought Lane that any playing aggressive yes definitely gets challenged again he has not bought in sight on something you fight this well be honest theyre also in Vault Lane died its my stolen Im sorry its my thought in buy that desire hes got – scary places its another – and blast plant and then coming in hes off to that oh the outplay almost certainly sin lets be honest and I was kind of clean not gonna lie they finally because X here that cleaned up well the skin and I think the ocean so last year dragon actually made him left so ya see this khazix its just picking off the mistakes of random enemy junglers I mean players its kind of walking to him isolated ticking wandering ones against the khazix you know theyre battling fighting not knowing where where the college is Im calling a bunch of mistakes out on these planets obviously theyre silver I know this but like Im just being a fucking prick Ill be honest here but lets see this Canada now has a then have a lead the light hes shitting on them because obviously a better player positives is probably you know diamond one I actually dont know what this guy is I dont know what the streamer how what eel is but Im pretty sure hes like probably at least diamond one but honestly if Im playing in low elo – I would just fight cuz I would just Ill perform mechanically better lets see ambitious gank you know no wave no way Im being picky again yes but like I dont see how this works I tell that wave is push like like you know yo it works click barely up I mean you could just get more efficiency if you just push in the wave the key ah no just kind of fucking with them she doesnt even have to use their alt you know I mean now he sees dragon hes going for dragons alright good general control I like it I like it yeah I use definitely smurfing on these people running into enemies Oh what did I just miss then hes just running into him 1v1 I didnt do something but actually that bad its not that bad be honest hes shown so much an impressive stuff gotta get the crowd or sorry the plant velkoz mid difference I must say definitely Im mid diff but the khazix is has better bought and betterment so hes definitely winning on that side and hes also doing the cannon because you know you want ad AP jungle duel just because you dont want full ad so no one gets screwed over the

hell cannon man this kid it sucks yo I think this is Kazi this kind of the real MVP here Ill give him benefit of doubt though but they did lose one game and – well – what does he do oh hes just waiting Oh with a smite steel coming in and nothing happens does it golf in front of their face total disrespect Chiana what what the fuck was it a spectator glitch let me see this I guess loosen skis just bugged as loosen that she knows damn it off the dark Killzone goes in all the 1v9 comps stuns them awesome kites them yeah this game is its just over yeah me doesnt open her s now so does she see what he doesnt more theres now dead doctors accuse dr. Q good dog Ill give you points for that one sometimes done dog dukey and just take it but you dont dare skew or anything like these men these little things very rewarding you always want to play efficiently its evolved to POSIX and go for W it isnt plaintiff or utility its plank to carry look at this Carrie oh yo this guys good waiting until the Scott uses this is a fee so he doesnt want to go in until he uses he cuz he if he jumps onto the velkoz and hes still with E and hes gonna like die or whatever but at the same time he also as Kelly to set up up with the stuns why did you do so much damage I dont think that guys isolated Oh big mistake yeah so Im guessing the cause theres probably like diamonds I think its okay theres double Smurfs they carry each other if ones going down at the dead Katelin I dont know how that hook missed Alistair was dump sticks a lot of damage theres a point of focusing Alistair there once you see it skews down in velkoz know your queue or whatever Oh easy just kill of my life you can see like it easy hes waiting hes playing for kDa oh my god its outplayed by the silver players Oh played 3d for the kDa but you just have to diamond players on one team bursting five silver players and then yeah you can get a 79 wooden game win streak but youre gonna get worse because youre playing in silver players and develop that habit in 3d habits and you wont get better cuz youre facing worse place so maybe thats what happened I dont know I dont really know what rank this guy really is yeah guess its the end of it I know what theyre doing it you know trying to get I mean theyre trying to beat the record of a rat IRL its some clout fame etc it makes sense I respect the hustle but I hate Smurfs like I hate Smurfs smurfing personally myself because Im playing against worst players I wanna play against players against my yellow I want to get better they just make so many mistakes that if I start getting used to their mistakes and I start like saying okay I can go in because theyre just letting me set up Ill just do it and I dont respect them and then I get sloppy with my mistakes and yeah thats why smurfing is bad you just get worse as a player cuz you adapt to your environment which is

a similar environment which is maybe why theyre making so much two mistakes I dont really know but you know they did loose a couple games they lost like two so why dont we see how they lost these two games in their match history kind of want to check that out right now you went 3 and 9 lets check out what the hell happened in this 3u9 video this blue buff theres isolated camps goes it Kurama probably will go to red look for a gank after so much that I would not do this that was playing lonely low I wouldnt fool clear a gang oh here we go ganking for its due oh oh oh okay okay oh oh oh coming in he has no sons take that in mind what happened now watch well huh oh no hes got some dude oh wait she does have some gets locked down by the Zoe or sorry sorry II and the Leona stun so thats one death you buy the cloth armor okay refunds that goes down says lets do the crop that I thought that uh that uh does it dragon well he gets stopped by the enemy its an enemy smart no he doesnt he gets it for free that goes invade and says thats my red I am jungle with ego though that is my red not yours but it takes it for free uh what is Olaf doing okay I guess he was under reset or something I dont know oh thats fine they go says red blue oh its on a bunch of wards gets poked down by Zoey getting ran down he still has our way dodged all these axes hes gonna go for the one beam IR out play nice he gets everything but will we get any kills here Mouse hair is not moving daya or sorry misfortune has died now hes looking for a duel but the mouse heart is starting to move will he do anything flash er anything no no okay no okay whatever the Kenan has killed me hammer dinger yeah I can hear Olaf oh hes gonna go for a 1v1 he wins this though yeah College has to fight the warrior Olaf with him only having sake smite he has no respect for an enemy jungler I mean honestly I like I would any other fighter smurfing I work on oh so who could carry this is gonna be the MF or how the Canon so why dont they carry theres no office Murr yo lets go check this up is kind of a smurf why is that Leona there by the way someones ripping on the other team I kind of want to check this Olaf is a Tarzan fanboy as you can see yeah I mean this khazix has no respect for the olaf hes not have respect for the Olaf he thinks hes a gold player but little does he know besides actually platinum wait no this happened its why they lost the gold flares or solar flares gave up oh that is depressing Id be fuming as fuck I know like this game is winnable still and they probably could have won it if they didnt have Kate but who cares and yeah killer Terk Tarzan fanboy thought of olaf I must say good job to him I guess thank you for watching and Ill see you guys next time peace out

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