How accurate is a PC Building Simulator?

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Hello and welcome to this java channel. Today i want to show you guys my my brand new favorite game of 2018 pc building simulator now you may be asking vault. Whats up with the new setup.
Whats up with the lighting. Whats up with the game youre about to show me well im taking time out of my day right now before school to show you guys. What i personally believe this game will be a huge factor in getting so many of you guys who are not confident enough with building your first or your next gaming pc.
And simply bridging that confidence gap and making. It really easy or in this case. A lot more familiar with building your next or your first gaming pc.
Which is why im so hyped to quickly bring you this video. Before school starts up. Here is pc building simulator.
I got in contact with them the people who developed this game are irregular studios or irregular something but anyways im gonna quickly go ahead and show you guys the meat of this game. And why i believe its gonna be really good for the pc building community. But you know get us before we begin just want to get over there.
But i gotta go through my discord channel first like totally not advertising. It yeah there you go umm yeah. Its a link in the description.
So here is pc building simulator and were gonna go ahead get straight to this game. And im gonna go ahead and show you guys the main feature of this game. Which is how to build a pc.
So were in how to build a pc mode. Lets go ahead and open up the case. So were gonna go ahead.
And do that gonna take off the backside panel. As well now we got to go ahead and install the power supply. But before we do that we gotta actually you know take out the psu bracket like any other regular computer.
All right we got that out of the way lets go ahead and check our inventory grab my power supply as you can see the game. Shows you what parts are consistent of the power supply. Which is really nice if you dont know whats actually on a power supply.
If youve never messed with one before so lets go ahead and install that put it back on the bracket and just like any other regular pc building tutorial. Yeah screw in the screws and all that alright. We got that now of course you got to go ahead and install the motherboard lets get this and whoo like i said it labels out everything that is consistent in the parts.
That youre using to build this computer like the chipset cmos power everything literally so lets install this bam. But of course like you know actually building computer. You got to go ahead and get the standoffs even though personally from my own experience.
The standoffs would have already been in there. I guess you know this game is just a teacher you could practice to make sure that your standoffs are in the case. But of course.
Were gonna go stay enough to actually screw in the motherboard. So lets get that now we also got a you know connect up the power to our motherboard. Theres the front io connector heres the cpu power alright now were gonna actually install the cpu and this should be quite interesting you know we can do a little theres all the pins.
Theres a chip itself and lets install it so we got to open up that cpu shield first place that bad boy in there close it and right there. Its gonna close the clamp down now of course before we actually continue we got to install the thermal paste. So just click on it that easy dot method and now for the cpu.
Lets go ahead and pick up our inventory. So this is a stock cooler and usually from my own experience. The thermal paste is already pre applied on the stock cooler.

what statement regarding the construction of a gaming computer is accurate?-0
what statement regarding the construction of a gaming computer is accurate?-0

However you know this is a game. And it just wants you to make sure that youre conscious of those things now we got the graphics card yet again a really nice detailed overview of what youre gonna be working with but of course before you do that you got to remove the pci brackets and lets install that it looks like this one doesnt have a power connector to it now were gonna go ahead and stall. The memory there we go easy peasy of course.
We got to unhinge these flashes here for the ram. And we gotta go ahead and install the ram. Now this is a bit interesting but for actually installing the ram on your own piece here i actually have to check the motherboard to see which slots are gonna be putting the ram in but like i said this is a game so its not gonna accurately represent every single motherboard out there but for the most part you should actually have to check your motherboard man.
Before you place your ram sticks. In because theres a certain way you got to put them in for each brand you have the hard drive. I mean should be really easy you know i mean this pc building tutorial is going by very very quick.
So lets hook up the power hook up the connection to the motherboard it looks like were gonna install a case van this should be one of the easiest parts to screw it in right. I mean as you can see this is a very quick way to just to show you how to actually build a computer. It is quite spectacular.
But now lets actually close with the computer right got that the front side panel and now before we actually turn on the computer. We got to hook up these back io connections for our keyboard mouse and monitor theres the power cable for our power supply now thats funny. I one thing.
Id expect from this game is to have that switch where the power supply is right because you gotta have it on the line in order to turn it on by default a circle right. But you know its a game and there we go its a game within a game. We just built a computer like what five minutes.
I mean that was quick and from my own personal experience with actually building computers in real life. That id say is 90 accurate maybe 80 to 90 accurate for what youd actually do to build your own gaming computer. I also want to go ahead and show you some of the other cool things that this game can feature.
So here we have a really cool career mode. That is actually the real game portion of the pc building simulator. And here.
It looks like we got a big box lets pick it up objectives pc status right click and my game is lagging excuse. Me do it do it really okay. I see i see your game your game will run at 4k on an on an arm.
Looks like here our objectives for the computer. I want to say it looks like were a pc technician. And were just fixing up computers.
So lets go ahead and take a look at this. See whats up pc can boot into os not plugged in lets the first thing. Were out of the way and lets go ahead and hook up our connections.
Got that that you gotta insert a usb drive. So its going to install get usb drive and look at that now we got actually power on the computer. So lets hover over here to the button.
And there we go i can move around click this up install the virus scanner. So lets go ahead and add program. You know thats kind of funny.
I mean this isnt windows right it was kinda like linux. But this is i kind of like this os of course. Were gonna restart like a natural computer.
Ok all right lets run it all right clean them yes our computer is now protected so it looks like we need to take off all the cables right or no. We can actually power for the computer. First you wanna rip off the cables.
Like that thatd just be savage. Remove. Actually can we just like oh okay.

what statement regarding the construction of a gaming computer is accurate?-1
what statement regarding the construction of a gaming computer is accurate?-1

There we go place it by the door collect your reward by going to your email. I assume. Thats this monitor right here ok got something under email thanks for taking the piece over to the shop.
A little bobble wah hide about 3 yeah yeah all right whoo we got 100 for removing viruses. I wish real life was like that i would not mind being paid 100 a remover iris. All right lets click that hopefully will now not be in a deficit.
Anymore. Well be in the positive. Yes.
Weve leveled up a little bit. We just got ok good good good. Were getting more emails.
More emails. More i see ok i see so it looks like youre gonna be like a tech technician. Right and youre gonna be doing certain things for people.
So lets see what does this guy want he wants us to install a 500 gigabyte hard drive anything i paid a hundred and ninety dollars for that you also have a room of viruses clean out of dust. Kind of more maintenance. Things thats pretty cool and it even wants you to install a graphics card so this is the actual gamemode of it oh so you need to buy the components.
Oh. So you got to manage your money too there you go. Thats really cool all right thats in transit.
Thats gonna take like a second to ride here. But anyways thats a little preview of the game. And its just simply gonna go further on from there.
Which is really cool to see because youre actually getting the game portion out of the simulator right because itd just be boring. If it were just like a pc building simulator right so thats actually really cool. So lets go ahead and move on to the last thing.
I want to show you guys today. Which is the free build mode alright. Were here in free build mode.
I was tinkering around with this game before like i said and i built this beauty right here. Which is a i believe its an i 5 combined with a gtx 1080i and an nzxt s340 with some fans and actually you can actually run pc. 3dmark advanced edition in game.
Which is really cool to see. But i want you guys to see something interesting so im gonna go ahead and attempt to run this but i want you to watch something alright so i swear. But before i actually had this computer running on adt 1030.
And this crashed in game. Like an actual blue screen came up. Whenever youre actually playing this game.
You will get realistic situations thatll happen whenever you never build a computer like i got a blue screen in this game. I dont know why its not showing you up. But i think its cuz.
Im one with the gt 1030. So actually lets change that real quick. You gotta remove this so.
Lets go ahead and take off the graphics card cable remove this bracket right here so you get right on the cable. There we go unplug and lets go ahead and install a 1030. I was talking about which by the way heres a whole catalog of parts you can choose from right.

what statement regarding the construction of a gaming computer is accurate?-2
what statement regarding the construction of a gaming computer is accurate?-2

You know motherboards you can go thread ripper rising all these different power. Supplies cooling. You can use aftermarket cpu coolers.
Just a lot of really cool stuff. But real quick lets pick up that overkill gt 1030. There we go were just gonna leave a side panel exposed right there you go.
It is on and i want to show you guys that blue screen move screen moves screen blue screen. I dont know free to get a blue screen. Thats interesting i think its probably because i switched out the motherboard with a intel cpu rather than a thread.
Ripper cpu. Heres another workbench here. We have a thermal take case.
Which actually you know we can just start building it right away. So like lets say i want to go with a risin system right install it and of course in fela mode. You can use any parts you want you can troubleshoot.
See where you want to place your ram sticks and in a sense basically build your own like computer. You are gonna buy in real life. And see how the performance is right i would say with like 3d mark if you want to install that lets go with a i7 8700.
Thats right lets put that in thermal paste plop that in and lets finish off with the you know come use our poor graphics. Thatd be interesting lets finish off with an aftermarket cpu cooler and by the way as you can see theres this fits this pc. Option.
So this game has built in compatibility. What components will work with certain things say with your case or with your motherboard. Which is very awesome so lets install this silverstone yep and i mean i wont go any further.
But right there right is how you just just go ahead and start building your own system. But looks like here we got a fire a 3d mark score alright a very impressive. We got some of the best fps scores.
Ive seen in games so far. But you know thats really cool it does its own 3d mark x. By extreme benchmark in the apps computer in itself.
Which im pretty sure grabs that from online. But thats really cool to see. But lets see we can add and remove more programs.
Which is a will it run lighting. You know this is school. So theres a lot of things that are offered in this simulator.
So i mean if you are wanting to build your first. Damien pc or in your next. One.
And you want to have an idea of what its like to take those beginning steps and to do those troubleshooting options and other things to get your computer working this simulator. I personally believe will help you out a ton for just bridging that gap and really getting you familiar with what its gonna be expected to actually build your first computer. So thats why i really like this game.
Its a one of a kind its on steam. It actually doesnt take that much to run. Which is really interesting.
But anyway. So that is pc building simulator. I hope you guys really enjoyed this video.
I personally did this is something really cool that i feel like its gonna help a lot of the pc building community. But anyways make sure to like favorite subscribe and all that as the scoville channel signing out .

what statement regarding the construction of a gaming computer is accurate?-3
what statement regarding the construction of a gaming computer is accurate?-3

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