Hash It Out ep.1 w/ Steve Hughes

hash it out
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stretching colouring inside of the wall something well I guess all that sounding Stane hi weve done this really unprofessionally cuz I couldnt get the electronics right but shit happens so weve got it roll with it anyway we dont gaffer tape you cant be in the entertainment industry that gaff tape right oh yeah so how was the junk from the music delivered or somebody else cuz I seem to be quoting your page just talking about lousy always driving okay hmm how bad it is or how wonderful it is good Lars is an integral part of hotel again yes would you would have anyone to bag like some other guy just be home you keep mitts out again whos that guy itll be fun wonderful business economics is um you ski browse at the moment its three go as you can together telling you were gonna need guitars coax left yeah actually like the way he interviewed might have recently oh hes great interviewer each girl like loves the world tries shitting constantly you never bites devil used fuck it doesnt does he hes cool I think your friends done full circle with the whole uh sharing music stuff anyway so we want him exactly so I know she was dude good good Judy was middle but now people are understanding why its a big thing its an anger is the shit is the album I still havent heard it time but its kind of heavy and aggressive the drums are horrible sound and then Death Magnetic which is supposed to be to come back to fall in line I think is worse and why would I say its an Angus actually going to press even metal even but its got that Jamaican Jamaican drums they dont Im going dying dying dying you know just to be different but its like its that what did he just dont want to be different if you know it likes it I just put it on and he actually gave it a listen so its big gonna be judgy that why just havent called me oh you know I sometimes your interest status but telling people what have you done you cant say anything about their why because theyre just big legends hey you can skin okay lets tell me I dont respect the telecoil sound like youre like what you up for that shit like before you were born you dont get it you dont fucking the same way I dont get what its like hearing Black Sabbath in 1969 yeah yeah okay I dont get it I didnt know you too and did you go to the lungs if you heard Black Sabbath in 1969 which is the first time 1983 same thing even telling it to the Black Album you dont you dont get the previous sort of vibe and feeling it gave you yeah okay Joe year 1999 Ive been watching Metallica live I still lighters as well like they couldnt sleep off of the most recent – or like it its good for my thing there thanks Norway thanks will you give any to so many emotions yep and Ive been kicking ass you know you still do uh uh James Hetfield voices kicking ass kind of solos a ripping last time some time but hes kicking ass and wise bit but he just and its cliche to say license drum and shit but its like this is what I see you know its like it is she I guess because its just tell me what I want you can drop I need to know what I want you get drunk I feel anxious but ancient like some questions three-year-old learn I like like no youve got it youve got it oh no hes offering on no I got the wobbles now and then so the coincident and then its like its just this just its too many fills but not beat amazing feels like Neil Peart or Dave Lombardo or something its just this running song with her and Im like stop it they just dont I know you dont want to be just you telling us something dont be stalked so okay so well add some goodies a normal thing that other bands would do yeah but if youve gone in the direction of running different songs that are just 15 minute 810 riff yeah yeah thats Stan now you want to make songs sometimes just is this straightforward pull back hmm is the drummer dont do much here right but thats hard for lodge because hes here today hes a showman thats why hes got hes got it once he finish this to certain which is the all day and I told my friend Jessica this morning in when I was discussing if something nothing heres the thing you a hater oh fuck fuck ah no no you know I know Metallica lives since the 80s yes Lars was I liked it too I used to stand on me kid come on cunts get into it Lars is a colour and tons get into it kind of guy Tommy leave a motley crew is a fucking you noticed Tommy Lee you didnt notice hes not just a drummer not your fucking notice that sticky Mustang fucking pan upside down I know fucking so that if you use the going like oh I get it yeah so your challenge is not Bobby could whoo-hoo fucking strippers girls motorbikes Tommy Lee in a song what is this my self healing you know Ive labeled you actually go into human stuff to I Metallica do have a special place yeah Im Maiden dont do it yeah everything in about history and dinosaurs and I can pyramids yeah yeah [Laughter] hi baby I know Im not the wrist against it but I can handle that fucking Sam if I minded gods to me but I cant listen as a fucking not have to pay odd song before the piston bars of jukeboxes yeah but thats different I love matin you know what I might do well they fucking go to South America and its and I do love it no and I dont just love em they dont just love the middle they love that what I like is its the greatest thing Ive never Allegiant thats metal it is the Telecaster the Teleca dont sing about pyramids and idli diddly-dee diddly-dee they dont so so if youre gonna make me some motive music sometimes they dont pull back a bit I dont know see Ill show you music less is more yeah it is and you have to know a lot – flightless you do see if you dont know much shuttle off it takes slow music theres a team mmm – play less is more meaning that you know it adds the song right hey James do you know how to orchestrate this so that so that you can utilize space and time so the space is doing the woman sound okay yep alright so less is more why because this strength will come through from the silence tells doesnt it so so but you have to know it booty cant star wont play much cuz I dont know much well thats thats not less is more thats thats mean then it be majors not knowing my list is all I know so so wonder what you asked for these songs I dont get we dont fight the black and stop doing these things why because because we dont want to listen to you right now yes we want you to just be there yeah do you know in the fucking background right now Paul that the picked notes and then the space between the notes and the vocals and and always then you can create this power this big its the songs now breathing like Enya right yeah thats breathing you know its fucking massive yeah but what you dont understand is if you get this the song will be bigger yeah it will be much bigger why cuz itll have time to build and therell be this thing itll just have space in it and the space will do all the power of the space will give you this strength with the notes and its all sitting and people get to drift yes they cant do this right – and every time maybe two fuckin seconds – stagers bah bah bah bah bah stop so do you know what Im watching a drama doesnt look is are you drumming – this song it looks like because its when Im watching your life – I drink it youre not somebody hits the end of this song and sometimes it hits the cymbals like it like a kid who cant play Jones its exactly like its know is that playing the cymbals like how hard were gonna hit them for this bit of the song youre smashing just to do that no just just it sounds like someones drop boxes fucking flights down a fucking stairwell and then you smash the symbol at the end of the soul and then youre up you gotta walk around there not like theres sometimes that last hit integral why cant we gonna end it yeah just dont stand up sit down James can do this now right focus what else you got like bath battery yeah where that need you doing a lap of the stadium before youve got a flight battery right youre 54 grandkid Im impressed if I had that so many car accidents breakdowns I could probably still do the same thing you I understand that integral energy Plaza we go I like the man yeah Im just saying chillax youre older now youre in the stadiums you dont have to come on let your music do that no youre just you running around laws why cuz that guys 15,000 blocks away let the song do it yeah you in your ill-fitting shorts the underdeveloped shoulders is not John do you think thats why he does that maybe the underdeveloped shoulders the whole he could rip up like Bruce later you guys know hes got a fat guy no issues hes got a well proportioned yes tight little build three months three months lots gonna be fucking smashing Bruce look fuckin stick that up your eyes its like a little great man you know theres a shot of in the other type like it does look like a living you all just sit nothing against a lot love of it yeah theres no swing anyone else and Unforgiven which is like naughty wanna like L me but you just add the slightest bit of Swing to L and thats but what would be so great about it almost become invisible to the year yes thats how perfect it is and thats what you have to do much why because its all taken care of by you found this beautiful pocket now just stay there no one will notice your bars but you need to be noticed but the song will be metallic you dont have a problem with writing big song yes the original is a big metal riff still that is just like still go fucker dance Stratasys fucking crush thats my adolescence right there well the last Metallica show went to see was with Fear Factory and a little big Fear Factory Fame and I thought it was a sign of college not just set then I was really bullet nose you couldnt even stains people telling me sit down fuckin sit down when fuckin harvesters plane cant gather Metallica gets it oh I mean I dont know when this was maybe even eight years ago I went doing my car but you can stay to the end no I did looks like Im gonna get out of here before the fucking traffic Im gonna get Bowman is the thing you know I know it cant be the same as what it was Im not coming there not 24 hmm as much as theyre playing really good at this do it even if you cant make it look at 1989 theres a band thats just okay beat that cancer big day yeah first year high school I can obsess bring it bring that life going you mashed that fucking yeah no sure gonna be done hes 24 years old fucking amazing amazing yeah you know right right right the lining at 22 you can yeah god yep the great gods so yeah well the time I knew it was a hard job to have such an aggressive band and stay as if people gave Charlie watching their arm extends is to apply at 80 exe plays like this doesnt have to play battery thats right were just gonna do five five with fire yeah so because its trying and music but when its see I could look to write a thing about me tell you why dont–youre a bet I love a lot you know I dont like listen to their musical time and I said no no when they wrote that 22 yeah fucking you know fucking the thing that should not be which is so you know was pop structures just atmospheric yeah its concert in this huge slab of like 20 fucking three years olds I mean youre at least a you know heres some things but heres the thing theres 20 fucking three-year-old metalheads yeah so then they get through the career they change good I expect them to change their are youre gonna grow and change Im not one of these guys but how did they write other things that shouldnt they just stay fresh forever I doubt it Oh funny thing is he funny thing is is of Metallicas as much as the good admit people that created thrash you think about it so thats killing what whichever it three or four theyve never had many fossils and there we go yeah right Awesomes Exeter said fast song yes creator all that fucking that thing Metallica I know ima tell you the Kings as he started thrash Kezia that one Metallica yeah there that bandana killer ball it crushed us all and fucking yeah that raised a fucking thing yeah I know I know that all the thing didnt it I know the deal yeah yeah but theyve always been a more big heavy metal band in a thrash band they always aims to fucking thresholds I think like inside of each song yeah 505 chapter noise yeah and three young master pots so so theyre not gonna stay that fit band youre 22 years old thing you never ever saw that and theyre not theirs and they change they went to these big things like these bigger different songs there may be a big break dance and anger will become a different people grow as human beings into the heavens not that fucking guy yeah anybody cant be that fucking guy why hes fucking 40-something years old hes drinking too much Pierce hes got kids hes fucking trying to live up to this god Im James Hetfield the late singer Metallica which is kind of I think probably taking him over in a sense yeah which most people would understand if theyve never been this famous we couldnt even figure of attention you know yeah how do I how do I develop as a human being well everybody knows me is this hard rock cowboy that sucked piss and plays metal and fucking crushers every fucking money might wake there now I gotta go and if I could take your daughter to ballet yeah so if I become this character or theyve been dysfunctional part of me will just keep going yeah and Ill get mental and my family will probably yeah go on your fucking – you carry o now become change become this guy that somehow intellicus still this thing that comes from fuckin rage yes dysfunction and fucking metal and chaos so wonder if any of that still exists in me and when I guess why they there they didnt hold it off per se but yeah whos never gonna be as biting thats coming from that place which I dont expect to be the 54 year old men my point is it is it well you grow and change a part of me that I didnt like relies on mr. Amano left its because it because you saw me tell up in the eighties that no hes pretty soon fuckin beer drinking hard rock crushing destroying dominating heavy metal yep you see this new position there hello youre gonna get stuff from your artist that you love but new music that you might not necessarily love and you should expect that sells out like sometimes they still have that oh yeah Exodus they got releasing because the woman of the movie because he was Middle wild card and screamed with it made the first episode brilliant news excellent the movies then I said okay because to get in record deals and then young and so keeps going out so we can nobodys telling me a but it didnt work bummer didnt work yeah Judas Priest after sort of defend us the faith when they made turbo and all that in the early nineties for ladies somebodys got perms why because theyre good yes you know they want to crack that mean West American market you see whats around it hey metal Amy I just got the biggest disappearing for finish the fenders to face going to the states oh okay but today what wouldve been selling everybody well this is what you do to perpetuate how yeah cuz they didnt come from the underground its from get metal created an undergrad when Ive only got my dad just made 300 cassettes it doesnt hurt the toys ever thats right which I understand and so dont you dont mind yeah so man theres a thing about yeah yeah great this fucking no thats it we dont even have a bed we saw under its just me its fucking Saturday [Laughter] Gary so underground so yeah you know and you see sometimes these mistakes didnt quite work yeah stick you in some tights and some kay-kay a permit try and get you across to this Midwest big money market yeah mm-hmm the environment of wrapped in Warrenton mm-hmm thats what I saw all these bands making mistakes is I didnt think they made a river Salaam and they didnt understand how big Thresh was gonna be but I did yeah right so no

this is gonna crush you yeah I can tell just tell I couldnt took off like wildfire in the NBA like one like it and then it also took off like even when I went to live in the western suburbs in the early days and making swirl or than that with these it took off with guys who were just because thats what we young where these middle guys but then they had friends who were just Westie Blakes yeah from the 80s in the suburbs that would be fucking your mouse or assholes they were just whiskey blokes that were you know but Metallica I know really really deed I was I sold that happen to him so and then you still had those oh god if the middle thing getting off the rational diet Im thinking you have no idea no I trust you its gonna crush you look like it did though cuz I really oh yeah it was and the range came in and changed the dynamics would be lets not even go in the middle was it CC interview Scott Ian in the anthrax there you go your medal was really down in the 90s just a grunge and Pantera kicked it going I know it angleys coming from yeah people get medals really even thats any angle of you being involved in being famous itll never goes away correct we know I said so many get all medals down the naughty note wasnt boys improved Darkthrone and there was fuckin going ballistic right so you already thinking those damn because grunge is taking over and you pull fuckin 3,000 people like you could three is yeah and you only pull in a thousand now thats grunge is pulling 5,000 and is created and there youre getting medals got no doesnt know it isnt mr. Lee is over in Norway this kids I love the red pajama thing the sort of fucking black metal its ridiculous attend to you know black metal references and you know if youre sick of fucking Swedish house music they tend to jam and black metal so I fucking knows something like that but it was just bring it no it doesnt yeah I know what he means its a win away like it was in the mainstream of course it was wasnt it like Warrenton Motley Crue and that was a thing so it was Metallica even and then and then it crunch well do you think people sort of turned away because metal just got heavier and heavier in a sense like you know yeah you know I hear metal is not gonna last anyway ridiculous you know I hate it even todays ridiculous satire still panther fucks me off like I fuckin yeah thats different different I was also only 13 so theres a difference there well different the crew when it came out was they were right nowit drenched in inverted crosses and pentagrams and blood and fucking fucking yeah which is no big deal although other original thrash bands they didnt come from thrash yeah fucking scorpions diamond here yes Judas Priest thats why seventh floor so the question thats why some kids who got into death metal a little write songs in this middle dont know my song so thats why the only things do because they werent influenced by bands you read theyre influenced by rock bands right then if you only got into Metallica in the nineties and then somebody just gave me a gift metal and then you made a band and you learn how to write songs but its an a cannibal corpse yes not the same as if you dont write songs like Nutella community policing those scorpions Black Sabbath yes its Charlie different isnt it like its a song element their music calories its not in Cannibal Corpse yeah yeah okay so plus the toy I also find it funny wouldnt you know Ive always been a metalhead but Im not I can never be a metalhead like my 87 I was listening okay pushing oh gosh yeah I had a period when I arrived okay so before then on the kids own you know yeah Adam in the AIDS yep humanly new romantic stuff when youre real young aberrant whatever you hear Wayne and Pink Floyd and Otis to see just what wed about see Im 52 in at least wed know that you see theyre gonna see when I was growing up you listen to the radio what did you hear the radio Bohemian Rhapsody yeah Dark Side of the Moon [Laughter] epic fucking song fuckin hood three and a half see the trend that had a hell and there was pop silly pop yeah but it you know if you hear that you know here you can hear these great they were also kind of underground bands even yeah theyre like you know cool on some shakers in each stage I forget one Pretoria were not here for a proper structured interview it just you for fucking sure a bit life music what is influences things that make you tick lets talk about well what do you listen to now oh just what some of the stuffs like other nine give me some give me some of you you know that felt shit that you listened to do I dont you listen to a new darkthrone good yeah alright really simple my hubby will be right very happy hes been trying to get me to listen to a great sound its very its so simple but you can tell its played by guys you know what theyre doing yeah gotcha right hes that less is more thing like maybe I could write a song thats as straightforward as this yeah well its very nice describe the drumming just doesnt do much the sound is really cool theres all this heavy without being fucking annoying yeah when I was younger of course anything that was just like sometimes yeah but this is this has got big jugs in it but theyre oh go to a floatation tank I think that then the next mission to Fiat oh yeah yeah sometimes of Julys their albums that I made from bands come to me there okay its like funny Ive been watching his reaction I wish this Sun ghost love school mmm which is off the album once its a 2004 and that one songs on the right now that this new singer really difficult singing job that bad and so it was just fine off the charts yeah so theres a version of heard of doing that Sony people react to whats in it floor gents awful chance ensues in yes so yeah shes killing a beat well really yeah yeah just off the charts and say youre watching this people react to a good father well awesome it is interesting watching people get into music funnier than these reaction videos youve never seen better than that oh you know if you thought weve had everything in this scene you people we know you wont yeah these people have never always sort of a shit here I cant do all night we should its a bit fucking oh yeah do you know whats growing meaning enough to crawl out watching it just yeah oh yeah I love things I mean crowd cuz shes just you know hits this but its like like once I Lisa George for getting dates you can take advance its awesome that though take a chicken dance is a at least youre honest oh I destroyed preparing this dress from Melbourne recently think was hanging around the likes of Nick Cave and that even early birthday party days right in Australia his fucking said we do ministry so this woman ends up forming dead come dance with Irish guy they make it better – really she sings like off-the-charts it can be ethically tribally Irish air froakies dulcimers and harps and wailing yes now shes become massive Cypress yeah she does if she said gladiator and feel refreshed prayer havent seen it but yeah I cant deal with him come on kick one day some soundtracks to Mission Impossible shes done all these voices there was singing all right okay whats Russell Crowe gladiator when he washed the fields so cool yeah yeah yeah this woman smokin you know she doesnt even see with would sometimes just just yeah shes fucking deal yep no I called Dickie dudes but I love taking dance so I know shes gonna be soak up the same volume which yep so I used to stated these couple fucking brilliant theyd run a boarding house for artists and she was Scottish and he was English they were old but they get pissed and take drugs in the end fucking just justinian delivery of music and she was just hilarious and swore and he was English 1/3 up although I just fucking smash it up so I said Ill bring you these dicking dance now shes not going on Id love to watch that yeah so I bring this so this English guy hes a lead always called me the fucking convict hes that term Im sorry so what are we watching convict and then we put it on and do it on yeah hed stumble you dont say just keep quiet were good watch the intro Scottish accent Oh God thank you John so anyway and hes gone – just what the fuck until hes just thats what means expensive fuck interview MRIs Im fucking 9 British tries to do something like that [Laughter] [Laughter] thats brilliant [Laughter] so over the last concert you went to look knows the last key go go you know Ive known losers are no no volusia since hes the drummer yeah legit yep so I found an original Taoiseach the other diet rave records and I was so fucking excited its like a regional chair he played an event called juice in the nineties okay when I was in Preston yes that was when gigs happened in Sydney so we used to do the lot and he was it was a funk scene yeah Chili Peppers were sort of getting uh yeah thats Oh Sydney always save a city in a city bond or people yes and suburbs people so they rob is a jazz funk okay yep bond I promise were living in black town okay oh god just do so so he talking about no yeah and that way by that time I was dressed in a suit okay thank so but he was around playing the makeup juicer that summer and he was a way in back there we always knew English fucked if you see this fucking cock drop yeah but I knew of him then of course watching droning hes reputation Ive never knew yeah so what so then he came to all my shows a bunch of stuff number addition right all right yeah so he came dear and so it sort of that I never really listened to Congress I knew if he was joining them were gonna be great and that were great guys so I had a great time it over so cool just great all three of them were excellent next new eyes yeah you know hes 45 years old over 440 I couldnt do shit I wouldnt you wouldnt want to go into it I was going I love this right I cant imagine what its like to be that confident is a seven year old seven like a noon walk and play the guitar oh thats brilliant yeah I was dealing with my parents divorce under the stepmother yeah I just is playing overseas take you to drum lessons uh camilli ate you which is not at any mmm wimpy pc cry for help because no ones coming to save your ass yeah I cant imagine just being able to fucking by the time you turn up to fuckin high school well ours is fifty forty got fucking young Jews out there well I think theres more now because some of them have grown up in a in the hero that we grew up in which is which has given people see your parents didnt grow up with even access to that kind of stuff too so so whats gonna take over its a different climate morally and socially all together anyway hmm and what do you really do well you do what what you do yep people like kids would who would be a legend a lot of hate kids yeah if I had kids then what Ive grown up with the with the chance to just go well getting done and underground death metal band if you want and and listened to Metallica and do this and then if I decide I can look at me long and have kids but I but Im really involved in this pop or just this pop culture this is you know music you probably get your kids well you want to have a look at this is my parents didnt show me shit never into what they are in do it metal we were fucking you do it too come on come on listen to Shakespeare with me okay Ive got some debts in yoga do you want to eat kisses first the album he led yeah yeah no no so if youve got a dead white drums ago that anybody get well you get a bit of an insight you want a drum some of these people you you know even in bandsaw like no music the family said my seven I was before we ever figured mom did this and childhood music to the local thing and game playing come to this bad but then my big brother who is ten years older than me showed me all this fucking stuff we dont see a gun yeah Ill still watching the fucking Brady Bunch deal with this bitch what should the Brady Bunch no one fucking Shelby Eddie Van Halen was into punk and a fucking high I think thats what pushed me to metal because she was such a punk everything early ideas Melbourne you know punk kid and I think thats what made me go the other way I just couldnt do it I knew PostGIS thrash metal we were in the rush metal band separate of course is in the poem that was original you know something that was de Souzas the way or anywhere on you punk yeah there was a time when we went across yes she didnt just have Iron Maiden versus the second piece of course yeah yeah you have bands that fucking look like fucking yeah like metal that looked a bit punk yeah playing fast SAPO secured this is scary and aggressive enough for us to get its again yeah yeah yeah okay there was a bit of a truce yeah theres a bit of a fucking truce because of this street level yeah and then that punk music I like hanging around with these punk guys are them oh yeah what are the gigs but I never listened to the music yeah and I said by 87 I was already gone its thrash getting beat by 87 on stuff again it was a rush in the police yes Steven super true everyone else terrible sitting there you know and it was wine vinegar reminds yeah hey you made them theyre two things I know I know music station people go yeah rise its the best of mature and Im like no yeah okay well its that bridge Avila take some South American yep underground fine yep – thanks national theyre very good the node because its titrate yeah yes master and its okay and that record got that when did you first either dense stems okay you know thats what you want to know if you got that bit Oh see thats what ima tell guys will know but elegant never really ever had that yeah they constructed everything to get orchestrated Liebig yeah yeah they cut up the drums as well as individual I they used to cut up the drums a place like this thanks together to orchestrate yes sing so so but that beneath to remains like pleasure to kill raining blood stop that yeah butts and pleasure to kill but creators got that fucking really good a misplay both of them weve got that yeah remain firm that is gone when either to rise the other after that pin goes the best it sounded dead yeah right which is why south of heaven didnt work for me after raining blood yeah it wasnt so much that I though that slow down the song sounds good no what what Heath the problem is that albums not that yeah yeah its got that cheap electric its outside but you put it on it this isnt affecting yet then some sense is not there anything since summer it may be used to extreme in a music fitting you turn it off just get you cant handle the music buddy yeah so when I heard seven heaven then because it didnt have that now it sounds a bit I can get into it later on but coming after that record it would uh so then when a rise came after beneath a right wait a bit uh even though I love arise brilliant yeah doesnt have that that beneath it remains his new sloppier fucking take off and fall apart its holding it together [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] its good its difficult to get two of those in a row yeah yeah no creator got em Sunday young by yeah cuz the Creator oh no its just the first ones so savage yeah I get it I just go tambul there is there is well there it is funny person that music can make again yep yeah sometimes we need twice staff to someone and they gave okay this thing didnt yeah taking a sip of water you miss mouth Oh didnt quite risen I didnt hit any spot so I go ahead you go in like it sounds like a hippie its this Universal Music nothing to do with things or anything Oh fucking no I do smoke that comes walking in and sees really angry youre just crying and hes like whats wrong Im like nothing its the song I feel like having testicles I didnt know they could do I thought they were just think they do things you go even deeper

you get how to do it without spelling Id love to learn that a pony you know cuz I like jacket off I know I preferred have sex it is better you mean come on [Laughter] but Ill never be good at convincing you understand floating and get it hot teeth friend any faster barrier and breaking her down so to speak without getting breaking it down but even you know what Ive made like you know the width the charm the thing the self-confident play that has met a bag what feminism would think is what he did taking advantage of no the magic of nothing happening is given birth right yes so but Im not very good bullshit which I would be if I could get over the huge dysfunctional part of me which James Hetfield got over money okay per se Im sure it still lives in there somewhere and it you know hes hit the odd garage wall thinking of Lars of space yeah go to therapy together all right no but see I you know its you couldnt sit there and go Ill look at theyve gone dumb lets go under therapy and Jason used to get we cant work this year in the interviews we can imagine here here you know hes thinking what weve get this fucking and I didnt like the therapist in some kind of monster actually its Jim it offers pissing me off he was creepy yeah it fucks me often turned it off you know I know these fucking people and I know that no matter what you say to them they can bring up some well lets thats interesting lets discuss that yeah yeah up and talk like a fucking party yeah yes but you know I do understand that you know no therapist is gonna save your ass but they can they can help you thank God you two may actually do well lets just yeah without you having to giggle at the end of it like I do a lot to you know make sure that I pacify the situation then Im a something so I can say something in a joke you can so I can kick the atmosphere why because I grew up in a highly fucking just wife always said it hard to have a girlfriend for a long time to live with why because because yeah yeah yes ah type of enzyme like I died actually I would even think about that far I just got I wont do it yeah dont tell you that seems to be the one for me I have to watch that was it well yeah Ive always been at a loss how someone could sit day on on a couch with your girlfriend yeah okay blowing I can do something thats whats gonna happen the what yeah [Laughter] I know I could go and live on my own [Laughter] yeah I look Ill tell you what I wasnt one domestic man I just do its not good for you see whats interesting about Ive reached a point my wife or I realize my scooter hmm hes just going to maybe we dont have to share all this you tell me what you want people go its very brave of you Steve to tell every what do you have you Tricia and we think why yeah I know shame on shit I think this I dont want to share it I realized theres a point of boundaries yeah of course I never used well I did what I guess I did but I just say anything yeah but you shoulda stayed to everything yep yep well soon Richies point that I could actually know Ive got some physical injuries I got to deal with yeah character yeah Ive said it again okay well I can live with that I realize that there is a part of heres this weird dichotomy of soda were getting like what I could actually embark on a path of doing one getting up every morning yep meditating for an hour bring my mind into the body not in a new way to turn away I really believe that if you could you know in there enough that the mind and the body could start to work you think you can almost fix things almost mm-hmm like almost like the way they get you cant do that right yeah how do you get through those hard times but theres a but I look at myself and get my brain worried yeah its a part that gets ya you could see any fruit juice you know I still get it through an exercise mr. Boies but its a its just limited to what I can do yep but also those part of me that also limits myself mm-hmm so theres a part of me that goes the one commit to being like I could okay I could get up every morning meditate for an hour you never eat anything shit do what I can focus meditate again sit there relax deal with you shit look at all this stuff I think theyre gonna create perfection but yeah are you like a pie creaking like it really a lot of stuff to myself that would be so fucking like self-healing that would work to do that dedication that dedication cant be achieved through willpower yeah right yeah you cant sit there and go right right to see out on a vision board and Im gonna get up every morning Im gonna do this stuff yes not only will all the old patterns just once around which you could then doesnt mean after forth you could just observe yep and function anyway but theres also a part of would you like to not quite the more you go to try to create something you also then inadvertently create the shadow and negative element so daring my willpower becomes rubbish yeah so how do you get through my how do we get through what is some of the things that we dont get through I now realize mmm this different way to approaching thoughts or shaman go ahead he said he gets a so if you do get a case expect one apology yeah sometimes else my part you know thats right mm-hmm yes boy what you knew yo just go home and just smoke pot mister this is wrong yeah hmm just watch yourself smoking pot Yeah right yeah I know what you mean started even though I dont know what he means but I know what he means like just dont the willpower wont work yeah get yeah yeah just be conscious of what youre doing yeah look what Im doing yes well youre in the middle of doing what Im not doing anything whats happening the addiction is happening yeah yeah no this is not by going hey I dont have any responsibility yes done my control yeah anyone since it is out of your control in the sense of willpower wont work yeah and you dont drag it up to get guilty but you sit there to go there is tap yeah yeah next dip fuck nuts but Im supposed to the point where Im just trying to ride each day I need that lighter after you whats your former self care what are you doing to keep yourself in that somewhat balanced like your creativity or you know Ive done always in a balanced state mmm Im not I get five not bipolar I just get fucked just why yep yeah certainly but then crashing its like when I put on a fist of all right so its being build up probably like you want to I tell the DA look side it and then fucking depressed for a good two months after the event bang it out a bit oh yeah where they finished making the oven and theyll sit they go you know never better come be the guy who produced it you know he so I dont know what to do Im waking up at 3:00 a.m. places where the fucking heels its been what keep trying everything every part of your bank so long so I dont break it yeah yeah buddy just come out of mine too so its alright give it as much as it sucks fucking yourself become one of those people whats one of those people tell me more you know and it goes off its the best thing that ever happened to me oh yeah I still havent reached that point oh you havent nearly then I think it because okay the man after so I keep fucking okay but but but you know whats funny about human beings you know quickly heres why the ego will sneak back into now quickly once plane goes we can forget that it happened its very true its very yeah I cant agree more there be a genetic thing in that especially in women why otherwise it wouldnt give birth again I know Ron or just keep picking shipowners yeah well I didnt go back for a second so I think one stock trial Bettys husband at the MSHA was at the mcj one no okay Oh into that one its really bad just wait there I reach a point where I know who I you know you have to take other responsibility everything thats upsetting me is is its gonna be a way around this that doesnt involve being upset yes so therefore thats why I cant do please see why cuz theyre all going well someone everyones got to change so I dont get upset yep what are you fucking talking Ive had some pretty aided discussions exactly talking about how many times I would join explain this to people but what happens if so what happens if I buy a cup tomorrow from the second-hand store and put some water in it and tip it out of the window and then throw it against the ball what happens you know what we should do is take on a mantle of responsibility to understand our own behavior so that we can create a behavior thats safe for other people who may be affected by things that we arent excuse me Im just thinking you know just dont think of yourself I know its its decorated as dont think of yourself all the time yeah but but youre asking me to then take on accommodate the subjective world space Im an unknown punching people yeah then I dont do anything too radical in case one of them gets triggered subconsciously what are you fucking talking I know its the arrogance yes yeah arrogance isnt it just unbelievable yeah your your demand I the party yeah youre demanding the impossible yeah with a with a with a vicious vitriolic attack attack mode for anyone who wanted here to the the demands of the impossible yeah the whatever manifesto of the time Jesus no why cant you just to accommodate them Steve because Ive been on acid did you lose the law during it I know its me I dont need to have my reality shift it around like that anymore yeah and you people are doing it what tripping out of your balls and fucking insanity its true Im saying it Ive got a few comedian friends um fraida take is being one of them the Muslim comedian shed cops it like theres no tomorrow for this stuff yeah its a very love is love is it hey we take the cry of crisis this love is love thats all you need Hanabi just what you believe and we believe in love if you dont agree then well smash your face in and if we dont give them well try and destroy your reputation oh yeah try and make people never go to your store again and put stuff about how you once looked at porn so its love is love love is everybody coming together doesnt matter where youre from thats right once we get rid of the racist and sexist and all the homophobic bastards and everybody but just be living together yeah baby bear yeah you know I just remember got away to bring this about is just to make sure that you never ever ever ever say anything that someone else might find offensive thats all you gotta do nothing just not say anything that is offensive even though how ideologies are set up exactly the way that you dont even understand what were really thinking anyway and we put it across the fact that were really sensitive to certain ways were interpreted and if you say something that goes against something which havent stipulated fully because box becomes against our sensibilities which we know because we promoted it you can tell them were gonna be sensitive if you dont come across the exactly the way you want to here and then weve got some names you will not get offended and then youll have to stop thats all thats seen just stop and make sure you never do it again just stop thats all you have to do time you have your own thoughts and then we can all go back to its love its love as everybodys getting none together at last then Im just going down to become a Muslim they dont care they dont care I might just dont join the Jews yeah they dont care they dont care as long as YT xxxx everybody and everybodys gonna be living together yellow lovers feeling that nothings ever said as long as its not offensive nothings ever said song is just not offense if you can you just cant say hey I havent put a bra on today make this thing were going are you you give you your objectified okay same as not all blokes are looked upon by women as sex objects no its just doesnt matter its whats inside that counts yeah I understand to a degree what youre talking about but youre not taking enough to really warrant that and anyway youre also thinking that we can all just why cant fat girls being bikini model adverts the same way I cant do our underwear pant adverts for Calvin Klein right as much as you go but still you should be having specially self it okay well put me in some Calvin Klein under next to Brad Pitt I will see which one you pick right I thought maybe mixed a fucking some super more which ones to sell more under cuz its not always a bed oppression here sometimes yes its just its just economics right which I know you would equate to oppression because you also against capitalism so I understand but what was it talking about I got distracted by many numbers great some who would be it negative reaction is it caused about you me irrelevant dont when it came to the massive insecurity I have you own I got that partly made the song so well we normally weve got over that appears oh we have [Laughter] thats why you say me your bread pin which one would sell more Underpants its like MIT Megans Katie Bieri how long I think people are gonna go for Katy Perry whos we fuck me dead hell underpants sales have gone down dramatically seen the fucking poster virus well know when I get bankrupt right yeah yeah once you dig it you know you mean the ones you need to get rid of your business it really get dissed very nice Mary Ill be on fuckin movin on the bill Sunset Strip Calvin Klein presents Jesus imagine maybe toys sacred oh yeah [Laughter] what are you talking about so do you think theyre actually women that Im sexually attracted to in just a purely objective form as if somehow if I can manage to convince this woman to sleep with me and after that I can then teach her to talk and have a subjective interior world space of her own perhaps develop her personnel yes hi Ellen perhaps that was already especially when youre in your forties and fifties yet the type of women I like sane complete no none of us know but you know why I assume she has thoughts if morals black theyre all you know the dreams fears all those human traits all those ideas visions I could tell that by the fact it I was talking to you in pounds at that stage of just well all my life they were just walking around with the other people some had vaginas semantics but they were all I realized thinking and functioning within subjective part of their existence I didnt just suddenly look at chicks and get any much shes just an object I hope shes just like shes gonna skateboard she just solid like a skateboard I can just I can just lick and tickle the outside bits Im so gonna come back for this but I dont care cuz I agree with you hey I know what youre saying would have women being used to sell things display things again a sexuality sort of women been whats a great word exploited form for sales many people is another instance find offensive so this is given a sort of a cultural notion of what women are which you would deem is dangerous because now theyre lacking because of the way theyve been presented within society feel this is creating an idea that they have a lack of substance thereof so therefore this is detrimental so why should we use this sexuality you have I cannot get what are you coming you could be at this theres probably some merit yes to the idea Im not completely against right right yes bunny greens but but running your in shutting it all down or pushing people that into it that dont necessarily need to be into it hes not gonna work its also what well the women as sexual objects as sensual sex Rogers hes also a part of we dont want to create a whirlwind well lets not do any of that yes why because any because look exploit no tourists fuck thats right exactly all right I dont want men doing it some women might have a good Nam and theyre young with some guy whos got a body that looks like God made it put it into speedos go up half firemen dressed and swing around like a bit of a faggots and girls good good oh my god end of the day but when a woman does

can almost its a little bit like when I say Pete Murray hes just so hot in the body no one would ever go for but okay hes a singer-songwriter youre dating yeah but same thing like its just this instant huh I can tell you right now the minute I look at him I dont think about what hes thinking yeah you know stop objectifying you I know who you fuckin Ive been doing it fuckin you 18 years wish someone would fuckin objectify me which I walked in the room shes with were in the barren but no ones done [Laughter] he pitch really us lucky bitch youre welcome migraine why I looked at Calvin Klein Underpants sir not that first minute you walk into a party it corrects [Laughter] in my come later after youve had the fuckin discussion but you know lets not ignore biological urges yeah I agree if shes their next muna bar I know that well you should perhaps grow up Steven only can choice I well I do control meself because Im a white man whos been trained so III I cant control yourself even though its hard we go well well maybe you cant even bring yourself for one looks you try to say that that thing little ache and and with some men what happens is if we go that we think we might go there like the Sun will get it out now little no those around if it is its quick enough that maybe well be forgiven but but we might go there then we get trapped like it was only one second on it no time to be crazy hey I used to be a lefty so heres the thing I know what theyre rabbiting on of it yes a same right and some of them okay yeah [Laughter] now weve got digital things Ill just make it so it doesnt work well change it every six months anywhere so you have to get another one oh yeah thats never-ending yeah like the city before the odd Scott yeah the core doesnt work this change would change that so it doesnt but this one doesnt work anymore our technical issues here we invented the iPod but then we got rid of it and stuck it on your phone to and put one of those things in holds an iPod and had an iPod and that went through a few years and everyones got one but now you can yeah thats right you still use a record player but you cant use this thing that we had ten years ago anything you cant use that no its to use wrinkle overheads for hundred years but oh itll itll fucking granny up the ass yeah then sell you back the insurance that you could have in place of a fingernail yeah yeah yeah yeah exactly fucking right yeah Im not saying what we know but I dont know if running around with the belt line from your head scraping your Isis and thrown a brick through so I can establish Windows really get it sorted anymore I get your little spazzy yeah my grace there what are you what are you gonna do stay just do nothing well but better than that Oh No you smashed the Starbucks window how are they going to afford to replace that yeah harpy fuckwits here of breaking Starbucks [Laughter] fucking spaz easy just say your fucking jokes yeah do you do you have a comedian that you like really love its money yeah hes he knows that a fucking execute a great joke go bring it back to something even funnier after it if he just looks good its dark joke so stretching toys fuck yeah okay yeah yeah okay from where okay no okay sometimes I flick through certain things in Netflix so I can go just watch some of it good waiting for something thats not coming but I foolishly lie to myself and I sit there no yeah this is fucking unbelievable yeah you know what Steve its not unbelievable exactly what this is just a silly in Hawaii this is matter if its good yeah just just okay heres the thing kind of I could smash off these accidents smithereens okay youre gonna put me on we dont think so why just go harder just have this chicken hes just gonna talk about in fact yeah you like we drink it yeah no no yeah hey this is the young girl and the young girl stays there like a night we go out party the pot thing here young girls to be sassy rude and we did shots woke up what a bloke I guess this very same things that men get for doing these things yep its a right to cheat dont attacking others taking control of something has been suppressed by these euros yes then it doesnt matter if its fine okay its apparently edgy just by understeer would be difficult to meet present history as Edgeley when I see Dans weve got sheepshead on spikes yes chips naked tied to crucifixes with woods on their fucking heads you know any blood mm-hmm the band is drenched in blood and spikes mm-hmm youve seen that so when I noticed and Ive been a little Anita sighs to sing shed go then I had like nine shots and thinking when behemoth went to Catholic Poland yeah turn and did a gig how many pigs heads and inverted crosses and women strapped and got banned from the country a few months ago in Greece their own country they got banned from playing in their own fuckin country you could get bad just like – it was right in Christ Hey okay I spend a lot of time in a recording studio bad by simply being cold rotting Christ thats what it was and then Dave Mustaine wouldnt play with them its some fucking festival because Ronnie Christ was playing before him and he didnt want to share the same stage as a band called bloody Christ cause hes very Christian I know hes Christian but what Dave should have done is HT going over this infection be able to buy dynamics now yeah when its a out you will have run across them okay now you know and I get worried would those would be very christian if they said dysfunctional son of a bitch he is theres been a heroin addict nearly lost his arm in his legs and pulled off those records that still makes it pieces yes I can watch dont Musto being interviewed almost go if I can stop making me cringe you wings you little fucks as a big but its a good bit yeah I expected hes nothing together yeah and you know I respect the man no it um youre talking about a Stein yeah thats a we got in the field yeah joining Christ yes yes thats it so yeah yeah yeah Dave probably needs to be Christian territories wasnt fucking die so yeah right I got meaning son if I can go hey I need some fucking some kind of suffocate me check yeah they took the Kootenay chick all right I mean these are fucking crazy fucking thats what I think people from that year and theres something about that here I dont know water who creates and giving me all here as I guess it was look at these lunatics its what I always loved about people talk better was shit you couldnt have these people couldnt couldnt bring it that fucking stuff night after night yeah its a crazy fucking people yeah Davis dont all make rust in police while Im a junkie yeah see junkies who cant get out of doorways its correct hes making yeah and heroin yeah thats a thrash metal drug oh fuck crazy son of a bitch lived yeah these diseases the kind of stories what your feelings about yeah so what you reckon it was easier like two decades ago being able to sing about what you want joke about what you want blah blah blah what do you think theres a bit of a change now coming back where people are allowed to bury voice what they found what I think its starting to creep back where people are understanding that expression of whatever through music or comedy or writing or whatever youve got to have your freedom of expression in your creative space the problem with dealing with PC people is they think anything that is a joke that somehow has a victim to it yes which jokes do thats then if that joke is done at the behest thats right word of of what they would claim as and underprivileged or a minority then they dont see that thats evasive what you could only make jokes which go up to power because theyre obsessed in power so theyre all obsessed by the power yes so you can only kick up sticks if you kick him down youve joined a musician yeah which is rubbish yep and who are they to take on the mantle of the authorities of this of the rules who makes up these rules yeah yeah who did did you did you bring all the gays and ask if you could be their spokesman so this engage that they will tell you to get fucked yep its me of all the people Ive hung out with in my life musicians being fucking one of them hmm the most lefty the liberal fucking sons of bitches you ever fucking want to meet unless youre in fucking some right-wing fucking scab and family right from the eighties musicians the most sometimes foppish feminine qualities to their fucking bloke eNOS yes why Artie fucking like chicks you know yeah probably gonna meet gays interesting people Outsiders musicians I was in fucking bands in the early Steels chicks in these punk bands I never thought it was always chicks in bed I just grew up yeah okay boys should people I didnt think if this did you notice there wasnt as many but not as many women do it correct nor are they attracted to something thats generally as aggressive as every metal and not just any metal music oh yeah music but in particular Harry middle you know somehow yo am I saying that that means women arent musical or what kind of stupid fucking assumption with that yeah considering that most of the fucking people I listen to and this is not by going Ive got a black friend right dang on I can tell you who do I Im starting to become races just for the fun of it Im like who do I listen to most of the people like to do is taking PJ Harvey Tori Amos Kate Bush some such a chick called Shawn Colvin anyone else yeah jewel anyone yeah Lisa Gerrard Indian yeah no I know that Im sitting uh what do you think we were not musical youre an asshole I know that yeah I can see youve been around for a each of them but not as many as them in even they dont do it as much yeah they dont want to exactly theyre not discouraged what do mean they dont know theyve been stopped well how come we didnt stop Suzi Quatro well that Siouxsie and the Banshees yeah I did it yeah Aretha Franklin she probably did it well shes probably getting persecuted by the CIA so like thats it need to tell me now that youre oppressed in 2007-8 at university you need known as many girls in it well okay sit down and do it thats the whole thing about Punk thats why we hand shakes in tungsten under bi-metal bitch why would you do it this yeah no ones given musicians out giving a fuck away I watch chicks you can play guitar and drums on like metal guys on YouTube and then I look at the comment section and of course modally blokes killer unbelievable and airy me nothing hotter than want you to chicks like Slayer and drums these fucking killer this is faggot whose gun what a cunt get the fuck out of here bitch yes I know thats what I mean then you sitting again well so so you know that cheeks can do it yeah but Ill tell you this youre hardly gonna get many chicks who could do it like duck and Dave Lombardo yeah wait cuz its because this is a very masculine correct right kind of red chilly in Jordan right but but you youre not really gonna get that so why are for big men yes there are some that are fucking great at it but its generally not something that women are attracted to like you can what do you think I dont think chicks like heavy metal I love to tell you stuff known it for fucking decades yeah but if Im looking at the arena in front of Slayer Metallica whose mutt whos out there theres some women tell me yeah if I do it in front of rush Buzzelli men what those chicks are interested in Russian Oh Joanna I know my first girlfriend from chickie she fucking loves Russian doesnt love him because she wants to be Kusa loves English she fucking loves it I know chicks that love Russia right Ive seen chicks at the right but most chicks are understood in three guys who have no interest in expressing any sexuality whatsoever yes whoo right yeah who writes songs about philosophy art history society personal demons in their old days how it struggles are they good looking guys know how long any songs some get 50 its not many chicks sitting around go man this fucking baseline and those double jobs would give you money cut the fuck of course into that fucking base on yeah yeah yeah but Ive seen chicks playing drums in Russia I know this some chicks hmm but yeah look its what were attracted to isnt it I guess humans and not fucking doing it I mean the other day its just like a drawing like an old 50s postcode or something loose yeah sitting you know this is just going look at this sweetheart this is the original pressing of Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin the original one from England still let the sticker over you yeah yeah in my life it wasnt even any thinking where are the limits we kind of knew dont be fancy like are you gonna try that section to chicks just when you do know exactly and thats what it was long I dont want to have sex for the chickens or have sex with me why the fuck would you chickens event not gonna have six of these just good what are you doing okay yep or it can already get a vibe yeah like remember and Aziz Ansari I dont know you know yeah era so you know the story blah blah he felt it was a bit uncomfortable she wasnt comfortable because its fun in alanjaques chill out and watch some Netflix Ive been filled with the rock vibes not right how is that wrong she was into it for a while then she wasnt she if he felt it they stopped ended up chilling out on the couch if it boy black give it to some of India believe me I can tell if it wasnt that correct a woman would have no inability to have that ng yeah yeah and I might go for this why its not even attractive gone she may be a trend thats that they actually may be attractive bit yeah no well thats you know yeah maybe theres ways to know hey we can bring it back with that be two completely different you have an issue Im sure there is yeah leave you know I wouldnt even get into an advice on women because I grown up not understanding them at all and just being a bit of a lefty and sticking to meself and knowing that I was had issues of being neurotic you know Im not gonna try and get on the cheeks and had a bit left two years about me yeah theres no be like there how much influence I was and I realize how much this lefty stuffs been integrated in society likewise since my uni days nineteen nineties are you but for me in terms of like a real leftist ideology came from going to Detroit University doin Bachelor of Arts in sociology anthropology and one takes follow with like where else yeah it all stems from me and I have shifted on fuckin certainly not a right-wing person but Im certainly not a lefty and I have just views on different things depending on topic its kind of that simple these days but if you dont get sort of would enjoy a boss people dont understand where you coming from and they label you all sorts of things you need a Boxster yeah you want me to be your wingman and Ill find your box dont flirt convinced yeah I dont know I love dating and when I was younger around flirting and seeing where things went it was all part of the little pond fish my current partner I went up to him and I dont know the one that gave you my number blah blah blah left onto him Hadid Craig dont emit corn in my Jimmy all right can I roll an LC same true you know she cant look at it fucking dudes yeah theyre cool was she running 78 was one motley crue Enya you got any together to represent both sides of the earth balance like yin and yang cymbals my rocket its my yin and yang symbol and your lovely group barely motley crue shadow the devil cant you is so awesome good early fucking pieces that be out of control pentagram like dripping Motley Crue I need to find yourself see thats no good its brilliant give it a good balance gonna left brain right brain actually have it on the wall there its only well its been a fucking pleasure fucking fucking pleasure love you guys its been charming thank you very much [Laughter] dude your legend thank you so much see it okay its gracious anyway yes goodbye country living room yeah remember stay the song weve been fucking get this song out dont worry about rationality or logical rules or traditions just thats all it is

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