Google Chrome: Enable Dark / Night Mode (All Sites)

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hey whats going on everybody its a boy KB and welcome back today Im gonna show you how to get dark mode or night mode in your Google Chrome so for example lets say you want to learn about my country the Nepal okay but the Wikipedia site is too bright for you you cant read okay you want to have a dark mode or night mode whatever you call it again or even if you visit my site you want to read some polls but its too bright for your eyes so to fix that or maybe you just want to have a dark mode go into the web store Google Web Store and search here dark mode night reader okay search for it dark mode night reader dont worry I will put link in the description you can go there and directly download this you dont have to search for it again once youre here you will see this one dark mode slash night reader so

this is the one you have to get again there will be a lot of them but I tested every single of them and I found that this one is the best one and I will tell you why hey Im just gonna click on add to Chrome and hit on a head extension okay checking it should okay now the dark mode has been added to Chrome so now you will see the magic now once he have installed the dark mode extension on your Google Chrome you have to refresh this page and your page will turn into black so lets say for example Im going into the okay Im gonna go to the as you know is a bright side its a you know the Lightning is bright so now you have the black one as you can see here now the Google Chrome is black but if you want to change the theme like you wanna make little black not all

black okay you can click on the the icon extension you just edit the dark mode click once you see its now like gray click one more time now its bright click one more time its dark see they have a filter multiple children grace dark more dark and normal okay you can just click on it and it will change so thats how it works same thing for any side now with this extension you visit any side doesnt matter which side how bright is that even if its pink you can make it you know that readable like it wont hurt your eyes no more as you can see here Im in my side and its all that but my actual side is bright actually you know now I can also change the theme like that as you can see here this is the actual side my side again if you visit my site that will be bright fully bright Im gonna click on it as

you can see little darker more darker little gray you can see here so this is pretty amazing filter if youd like to read something on internet like daily you know but by reading those or the lightening is too bright for you this is the way you make your google chrome darker now if you visit to the Wikipedia it works with any site you just click on that thing the the extension as you can see now the Wikipedia is all black now you can easily read it okay if you want to read it in night mode or dark mode whatever you call it alien see here you can change it like several times and one more thing the top side of the chrome is still bright or grayish but if you want to change it but its a way go into the web store again okay and now search for going to the theme okay actually go into the theme and after that you

will see you just have to download the dark theme for the chrome so you can just do the search but actually you can see more free on dark so this is the theme Im gonna download because its dark theme so Im just gonna click on add to Chrome okay its checking now you can see the dark theme has been applied to Google Chrome now if I go visit my site as you can see everything is now dark so with these two extension R and a theme you can make your from dark and yeah thats it thats how you get the dark theme for your Google Chrome so thats it for this one hope you enjoyed it if you did leave a like comment and subscribe and I will put a link in the description for this theme and dark mode you can go there and get this and yeah I will see you in the next one take yourself in a fun

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