George Floyd Arrest Footage Missing – What Happened Before He Was Killed by Police?

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Youve been following the news on george. Floyd. The 46 year old american man man killed by police in minneapolis youll know the after effects.
Widespread protests rioting looting police stations and other buildings set on fire people stealing stuff from target obviously none of this violence and looting is going to bring mr. Floyd back. But it does show the pent up rage that exists in some american communities of course.
The whole situation is a tragedy. Nobody should have died that day. But the thing that i found most irritating about the whole incident is the lack of footage of key aspects of the arrest of george floyd in this video.
Id like to walk through the arrest step by step and work out what the hell. Happened. It all started.
When a convenience store worker. In south. Minneapolis.
Called. Police. Alleging.
A man had tried to use a counterfeit 20 bill. Okay whatever not the crime of the century two police officers arrive and approach a vehicle that they believe contain a man matching the description of the suspect they talk to the people in the vehicle and eventually get. Mr.
Floyd as well as another passenger to exit the vehicle. They struggle a little bit with mr. Floyd he falls to the ground momentarily.
But ultimately. The police get him in handcuffs and walk him to the footpath. They sit him down next to a building as more police arrive nothing to see here right they start taking some details and eventually stand.
Mr. Floyd back up they end up walking him across the street in this shot. We can see them in the top left corner walking across the pedestrian crossing again nothing to see here they get him across the street and try to get him in the awaiting police cruiser again he falls to the ground.
The police open the door. But appear to be struggling to get mr. Floyd in the vehicle thats where this footage ends obviously thats not where the footage really ends.
But thats all were being shown the next footage. We see is probably the footage that has become most recognised. Mr.
Floyd being pinned to the ground handcuffed with an officer kneeling on his neck. This goes on for some time seven or eight minutes. I believe.
Mr. Floyd is heard pleading for the officer to get of his neck. He tells them he cant breathe onlookers are also pleading with the officer.
But the officer refuses to budge other angles show that there are actually three officers on mr. Floyd. One of them pressing on his neck eventually mr.

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the person who is responsible for authorizing emts-0

Floyd stops breathing and goes limp medics arrive check his vitals and then put him on a stretcher. It should be noted that they didnt perform cpr at the scene. So i assume.
They thought that he was already dead. An hour or so later george floyd was pronounced dead at the hospital its a terrible tragedy the four responding police officers all lost their jobs. The officer who knelt on mr.
Floyds neck has since been charged with third degree murder and second degree manslaughter basically that means he wasnt intent on killing. Mr. Floyd.
But was ultimately responsible for his death. But as i said before why dont we have any footage of what happened before this fateful event. What made the police do what they did this is by no means me defending what happened.
But shouldnt all the evidence be put forward of course there would be footage of what happened before these police officers resorted to doing what they did its just that it hasnt been released some of you might be saying it doesnt matter. What happened. A man in handcuffs is no threat to four police officers.
This should never have happened i agree that this should never have happened. But i dont agree that a man in handcuffs is no threat. Ive been through police training and as part of that training.
Ive been in handcuffs myself as a person in handcuffs. I could still easily attack somebody i could kick them i could headbutt them i could spit at them i could even try to take their firearm and obviously all those things have really happened so what happened with mr. Floyd that fateful day well i can only assume he did something that made the officers fear for their own safety as i said before this is not me defending the actions of the police officer who knelt on his neck for eight minutes.
But something definitely happened in the lead up to this event. Why hasnt the footage been released. Why arent people uploading.
What happened before this there must have been lots of onlookers with mobile phones not to mention the surveillance footage from across the street that strangely ended just before the event. Its almost like somebodys trying to hide something obviously we can only speculate before the footage comes out. But i assume that mr.
Floyd did something to the officers that made them take drastic action does his actions justify. What the police officer did by kneeling on the back of his neck for eight minutes. Definitely not there were three police officers on mr.
Floyd. There was no need to pin his neck the way they did what we saw was punitive. It probably means that mr.
Floyd did something to that officer that made him want to inflict pain on mr. Floyd. Obviously.
George floyd shouldnt have died that day. What started out as a fairly minor crime using a counterfeit 20 bill ended up with him dying in the interests of openness and honesty. We need that missing footage to be released.
Its no good just showing a fairly innocuous arrest. A handcuffed man being walked to a police cruiser and then suddenly cutting to him lying on the street gasping for breath as a police officer slowly. But surely kills him theres something just not right about all of this.
Im not trying to defend the police officer. Im just trying to make sense of it all what do you think why have we not seen the missing footage is somebody trying to play us. .

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