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everyone this is mocha and hush I suppose at least in Vespa moment in time the name will change as it always does but I think its gonna be really useful if everybody who joins a server starts off by creating a profile and this will be really useful since weve got a lot of people here who play different characters and its nice to know who they play without happy to always create discussions on how is that your main or who do you play and so on and so forth so with that in mind Im gonna take you down to the bottle and please always do this in the bot channel because everyone has a mutate and it doesnt bother anyone so to start off I currently dont have profile and though although I used to have one and I deleted the role for the purpose of this video its mines gonna look like this yours is probably gonna give you an error message that says you dont have a profile but starting it off its exactly the same for everyone Ill give you an example for the profile looks like and how you can find someone elses profile real quick so you gotta do is type dot profile and if you dont want to look at your own you can actually put the name of the person who is one you want to look at someone who has a really nice one is actually Ethan at least we like to call him that so if you take a look at his even though his offline you get to see this really nice-looking profile itll show you his tag his switch FC if you want to add him all of his mains and he took the liberty of putting which game he made all these characters in whereas I personally prefer not to because I think its unnecessary you can also change the color and have a gift put up here and anything of the sort so its all perfectly fine okay with that in mind we should probably get started building our own one and the best way to do that is to put our actual tag in so thats dhatus B and thats gonna be the ones youre going to be using to add anything new if its worth tag in there keep this lowercase all of these have to be lowercase to
The Voltreport floof-bot-0 Floof Bot - Smash Profile Creation
make it work and then the name that you want will set that one down and youll see that my tag has been updated so if we go to profile one more time there it is so now were going to start adding the rest of them I will not be showing you the updates except for maybe when we do some major ones the game will be smash and ultimate these ones you can capitalize but the word games has to be lowercase to put that one in there starting off well move on to our mains so for this one you want to be really careful with how you spell the names there are a lot of different variations so for example zero suit samus you could write zero suit samus or is the SS but for some characters that will work that way so its best to just play it safe and put the actual full spellings for them and Ill show you what that is at the end Rosalina and luma it has to be at symbol not the word end but that went in there of course if any of them does not work as you can see that one did not work because I accidentally put a comma after the word means so well just go ahead and highlight that wont bring it back down here remove this comma and that should do the trick cut uh profile one more time and there we go as you can see all of them came successfully if you misspelled one of them it will still give you the success message but it will just not appear okay so Ill show you that one more time but what Im going to do is add someone whose name was spelled incorrectly like Donkey Kong you do this it will not tell you well actually its because I did this again and I have a tendency to do this for no reason remove that one and there we go you see its updated successfully even though Donkey Kong isnt there go ahead and do da profile and what youll see is that hell just ignore him he wasnt correct so he doesnt get put in now well do with artists Bs secondaries and theres the secondaries with IES at the end not that secondary by itself the mine actually is Donkey Kong put that one in there
The Voltreport floof-bot-1 Floof Bot - Smash Profile Creation
and that is fine dollar speak pockets and from here my three pockets are actually well I have a lot of pockets but the ones that Im going to consider my pockets will be these three right here back from there and from there weve updated those so we can just take a quick look at it if were just a top profile and you should see it starting to look a lot nicer now from there lets go ahead and add my switch Ive seen so well go Dadas B switch as forgiving be my friend code youre gonna find this one on your switch I already have my note it down so were gonna put that one right there my region is actually the Middle East but there is no Middle East here its not on the list you can only use continents for this one and therefore were gonna use Europe the reason why is because I visit a lot and I also used to live there next the artist beat will put a note and you can put anything as your note mine is gonna be speaker its good to know and finally you could put an image in there and Ill show you how to do that in a moment but starting off if you take a look at it it actually will automatically have the same banner that you put in the past mine was green if you want to change it to anything else you can but the way that you do it is simply dhatus be color spilled with the oh you are I believe then you bring this one up here and you can just go ahead and type anything you want you have to get the actual hash code to get it to work but whatever you use you just take that one from there close that one off and just slot it in that way okay and there you go the colors been updated so if we go to profile again what youll see is that its actually a slightly different green right now and thats all you have to do the last thing we want to do is add an image of course Ill be in a moment to figure out how to do that because I just dont remember okay I have now figured out how it needs to be done its a really simple
The Voltreport floof-bot-10 Floof Bot - Smash Profile Creation
you just go datas be imageurl and from there you have to put in the actual link thats gonna take you to the image that you want make sure it enter the dot PNG and if you need to know how to do that just go onto google find the image that you want right click it find image URL and from there youll have this you said that one down thats the image URL Im using right now because everything I use involves floating mountains and from there all we got to do stop profile and we are now successfully finished with building this now I know it took me about five and a half minutes or so but I did try to explain it so I hope that you all find this really easy and remember you can find anybodys profile a profile add a taco our own King here and all good of course he pockets half the cast but thats fine too I hope you all enjoyed the video and welcome to the server I also just recognized that had forgotten to include two things at the end of this the first one is if you have any problems and you want to see it again without having to watch the whole video you can just type dot profile help and thats going to get you a DM with all the commands sent right to your inbox check that one in there here is a list of everything that I just explained to you written down in a nice of easy-to-read format on top of that this is a list of all the characters from all of the different smash games that youre welcome to use as necessary and here are all the regions that youre able to use and finally if you want to do what Ethan used to use where he would have the name of the game after the character in case you play multiple smash games then all you have to do is type the name Dallas B mains lucario for example then you put the name of the game in brackets or parentheses to be specific you could do that for all the characters and thats all you need to do and yep that concludes it have a nice one I probably should also add they will be notified will you do this because you are technically pinging them yes
The Voltreport floof-bot-11 Floof Bot - Smash Profile Creation
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