Fix: Microsoft Outlook Error ‘Not Implemented’ In Microsoft Office [Tutorial]

microsoft outlook not implemented
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hello everyone how are you doing this is mdtech here with another quick tutorial in todays a twirl me to show you guys how to resolve if Microsoft Outlook is getting you an error that says not implemented when you are trying to send or receive emails so hopefully this brief the tour should be able to resolve it without too much of a hassle here and were gonna go ahead and jump right into it open up the Start menu type in add or

remove and when the best manager should come back with add or remove programs right both system settings left quark one that one time scroll down the right side to get to Microsoft Office and your version number might be different than mine but you just want to selected and then left click on modify if you receive a user account control prompt off coupon yes you and my table moment to load the next prompt so you just want to be patient here it will

ask how would you like to repair your office programs I would suggest selecting quick repair fixes most issues quickly without the need for an internet connection left alone repair ready to start a quick repair this shouldnt take very long but you wont be able to use your office programs until were done mufflon repair so this will take some time just want to be patient you I should sit down repairing we finished repairing your office programs two features you can now close this

window and use your programs uh phone close and this is just because were running the prompt the second time by accident but you guys saw that it was able to repair it successfully so I would to just returning a computer nonetheless even I didnt request it and hopefully your issue has been resolved so as always thank you guys for watching this brief tutorial Dubai was able to help you out and I do look forward to catching you all in the next tutorial goodbye

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