Finnicky Advanced Clogging Step

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this is called a finicky F I in in IC K wine its an advanced step and it starts with a four counts in now a four count film starts with a double step behind so you kind of have been set up for it know that its coming so you can prepare for it so the spin is done with it behind tell me steps Rock heel jab if you tap your right toe back and you snap your left toe the other direction and then you step on your right foot so the tricky is double step behind dont shut behind all he would wait yeah to the left back your right toe pick up your left toe and swivel it to the right side and then step on your right so the four captain is double behind ball heel cap toe cap step again spin left foot double behind ball field oh snap guess young when I say ball usually is ball in advanced dance it just means to you on your toes and you got your weight on your toes its like a rock so theres in it goes behind where we go double behind dog hell tap to tap step yeah make it
The Voltreport finnicky-0 Finnicky Advanced Clogging Step
an idiot entity were going to scuff our left foot stuff top and then jog twice jog jog youre jogging on the balls of your feet so do the four count in and stop in BB time ball heel kept of a step scuff up love a hot job jog down low down and youre going to have equal weight there so from the side and fit for count double behind ball field cat so yep and Iggy Pop job doubled down and had people wait and theres more but looking at all that whole thing finicky totally fine well he kept tone stamp set top job still hometown you gotta get your knees our knees Bend now youre going to youre going to go like that so looking at my feet Ive got equal weight on my left heel in my right toe and then we kind of back to the center so you want to practice staff like thats the key part is you try to corner to your left and you come back to the center so resisted to turn turn and again turn turn again turn then when you finish it would have more weight on the right and the left is normal on
The Voltreport finnicky-11 Finnicky Advanced Clogging Step
next up is gonna lead with your left so heres the whole pin a key step is double behind tall heels yeah so thats tough stuff hot dog drops jump down turn down okay counting it finicky into one and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight now if you have trouble with any part of it bend your knees and then you come up and you come back down so you have to after bring stuff up John Johns jumping down injuries and you can do that if you want easier if youre standing straight need and time to do the Iggy okay so then getting their kids so will behind boss heels a stone step pop dont just jump went down to turn down standing again and a one and table and three and four and five intercept in 8 with the music finiti five six then we go behind BB unlocks killcam so just awesome structure again turn down again affinity 550 fitting into one and two and three and four and time connected into feathers can pay by its one worth anything and over here does the finicky step into the dance just so they requesting party
The Voltreport finnicky-12 Finnicky Advanced Clogging Step
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