Finding the Atlas Pass v2 | No Man’s Sky 2019

atlas pass v2
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welcome back to no mans sky everyone Jason here and I am gonna actually show you how to get the Atlas pass to now you could do it by going to a whole bunch of manufacturing facilities I actually have a video doing that up top in the in the cards and down below in the description or you can talk to polo and Ive already gotten my atlas pass version one from Pola right here see I have a built I have the recipe for it so now I can build it you only need to build one because they you dont use them up they dont you know destroy themselves they dont do anything really so you can just make one and hold on to it and once you get the other levels like you get version 2 or version 3 you dont need the previous ones so if I get version 2 I could throw this Atlas Pass version one away or I could sell it or whatever because I dont need it anymore so lets actually talk to pollo how will your trip I always say tale of wonder I think that gives you a I know they give you each one gives you a different technology I believe that is for your exosuit please Ive made you this new tool to help you make new memories okay you recovered today you found on your extreme journey gave me so much joy but it is stained with troubled it caused some new tasks will refreshes both yes now I just did the extreme survival mission so I had to

go and survive on an extreme planet for I believe five days so thats like five theres 15 minutes per day per soul and so I had to do it for five to get to that milestone so now we have a new one whole new galaxy just for you you must see it all few more systems maybe okay so I need to go and warp so and because I have my all my milestones pretty maxed out you okay give me a starship peace but now I have my most of my milestones already maxed out and so all I have to do is talk to him and turn in my my thing oh I need to definitely give my extreme survival yeah I just did my five so I went up to 5.8 on the same planet so now it is space exploration and youll notice he always goes from top to bottom so I just did the extreme survival and then this time he tells me to do my warps and my next one is gonna be Planetary zoology and then hell go back down the list again Ill go from top to bottom and he he always goes up by like a 2 or 3 so at first its hey get to level 3 hey get to level 5 get to level 8 and then max it out alright guys so thats how you do that and so because I have most of them maxed out Im definitely gonna have to do more extreme survival that way I can extend that out but Ive already done it see

Ive already gotten it so Ill just talk to him now weve already seen the entire galaxy no not yet Ive just warped a lot no alarm just a Kicks failing humor oh yeah so lets transmit my warp data to him and then I dont know why but I always go with exosuit technology because I feel like a blueprint or a recipe is gonna be under EXO soup technology rather than multi-tool or starship so I always choose EXO see whatever you complete a mission for him he says hey Ill teach you some stuff clever strong suit a long life friend friend have you given me so much to consider please that must take some time perhaps you might explore a little more yes find interesting stories to tell us our home story youll know when Im ready friend alright lets go before you go there is another gift and this held this will happen at random I got my atlas past one from him and the only reason I know this its at random but I just loaded up a previous safe did this and it popped up so I reloaded real fast so I could record this video you guys Im not you know I dont know how to plan this out its a random event but do those missions for a pole oh okay because youll get it on a gift the anomaly sometimes teaches me things friend and I shall teach them to you so I just learned Atlas past version 2 right there and I also got the underwater protection module as my tech so

will randomly do it and you have to wait every couple of hours to do it guys but once youve maxed out your milestones itll be easy you dont have to really do anything you just talk to him and then do that but at random he will teach you a blueprint most of the time its gonna be for like some kind of a tech for your suit or a multi-tool especially early on when you dont already know those but Ive gone to a lot of manufacturing facilities looking for the blueprint for the Atlas pass and Ive learned a lot of other different recipes and so I think the pool if you whittle it down if you learn a lot of recipes and blueprints from manufacturing facilities you get a higher chance from polo so definitely do that and then talk to polo cuz its free stuff and you can get the at lets pass to just like I just got so Im gonna do that right now I think I could build it right I could build it yep I can cuz I it just takes to it 200 cadmium and one microprocessor and I dont need this anymore so lets get rid of that lets see some room now I have my atlas pass to so I could open up Atlas pass two doors so hopefully you guys like this quick little video if you did hit that like button for me and if you want to see more subscribe to the channel Im uploading episodes all the time and I will see you guys in the next one

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