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shipping Beyond Borders can seem stressful because delivery occurs far away and can feel out of your control but FedEx delivery signature options can help you maintain control while providing your customers with a convenient positive experience that fits their needs flexible signature options let you decide whether or not the recipient needs to sign upon delivery each option can increase security your customers peace of mind and the likelihood of successful delivery on
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the first attempt which means faster accounts payable and fewer customer service calls for you so what are your options the adult signature required option is for your most sensitive shipments it requires the signature of someone who is at least the age of majority and the destination country the person signing must show a government-issued identification card with photo or other identification customarily accepted by local authorities if there is no eligible recipient
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at the address FedEx will reattempt the delivery option to direct signature required means FedEx must acquire the signature from someone at the delivery address in order to release the package selecting indirect signature required allows FedEx to release the package in one of three ways obtaining a signature from someone at the delivery address acquiring a signature from a neighbor building manager or other person at a neighboring address or gaining authorization from
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recipient to release it with no one present your final option no signature required means FedEx may release the package with no one present however this option may not be available for all shipments or to all destinations see the FedEx Service guide for more details your customers have unique needs and flexible signature services are just another way of meeting and exceeding their expectations with the help of FedEx learn more at FedEx comm
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