Family history: Let’s make a video

of the following family members, who is most likely the family kinkeeper? This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Family history: Lets make a video. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Everybody im bob g. And i live in jacksonville beach. So i just go go by the handle jacks bob gee.
Id like to welcome you to this and let me introduce myself i created the channel. So i could leave comments for some of the youtube people that id been following. But its occurred to me that its also a good way to leave something behind for my children grandchildren.
Great grandchildren. Other than just pictures or maybe. A little home movie of some sort and so thats the reason.
I decided to make a video and i hope to make it a lot of them because ive gotten a number of things i think i can share. Im interested in a lot of different things ive been retired for a long time. Im 74 years old and if theres younger people out there that are still hanging in after these few seconds.
I hope youll stick around just a little bit and see if this is something that might be interesting to you these arent gonna be epic long videos or anything like that and if youre over 60. Then maybe. Theres a few things i can share from my experiences you might enjoy hearing only about 3 of the people i guess.
According to youtubes statistics are over 65. I havent seen very many on there and a few i have seem a little a little silly. But well i guess thats okay too you got to have a little silliness in your life.
I had an interesting phone call earlier this week. It was my great grandson he was 13 years old and he was working on a school project. And he was to write an essay.
An interview of one of the elders and his family and apparently they had gotten some information from topic on the internet. Called kin keepers and i hadnt heard that term. Before it was new to me.
So i googled it and it turns out that a kin keeper. According to google somebody who promotes and protects a relationship between family members usually its a matriarch one of the elders in the family. But it could be a patriarch a father as well and in some cultures.
I guess. It it would be the elder father in the family anyway. We spent about an hour on the phone and ive known him well all his life.
Although he lives in north carolina. I live in florida. I dont see him that often but when i do we have some very enjoyable chats.
Hes a really nice young man and as i told him a few things about my past. He wanted to know about my childhood and later on my career and how much traveling and i had done and the types of cultures. Id been exposed to and and he was really surprised he heard a lot of these things before and so i told him well you know this is this is part of leaving your history your genealogy onto others now on my dads side of the family.
We studied the genealogy so were pretty familiar with at least where the family bloodline came from and and how many generations split off and were here and there any other place on my mothers side not so much we really they werent that interested in the genealogy of the family. But i wish i had been able to record some of the the things that i did with my dad. The places we went in those things he told me because his family was they were texans for a ways back in the 1800s homesteaders and texas is a strange state anyway.
But and i lived there most of my life. So its okay for me to say that there are a lot of dry counties. And it seemed like he knew every bootlegger in the dry county should go figure anyway he showed me where the old boot hill was where my great grandfather was buried money he came over to texas from georgia.
It was in the middle of the cattle ranch and just like you picture in the old movies. So i suppose i could write an autobiography like people did in the old days. But yeah i dont know ill just sit on a shelf someplace my picture albums yes ive got them.
But they dont mean anything unless you can describe what the pictures are all about i suppose i could make a video picture by picture by picture and say. This is when i was in europe and this one was when i was in south america. But i dont know that sounds like an awful lot of work more work than taking a camera that i already have and making videos this way.
Im just doing it from memory memory isnt all that good i usually think of the good stuff about five minutes after i need to say it. But got a few notes over here thats what i keep looking in so. Maybe thatll be okay youtube is a good place to to store images and and and my thoughts and memories for now.
I dont know what itll be like in the future. I know that that they talk about mag tapes. They deteriorate over time cds.
The technology makes a lot of things obsolete anyway. So i guess. This is being in a cloud with all the backups.
Its a good deal. So ive been watching these youtubers for quite a few years. And theres been a lot of times.
I wanted to leave a comment for him. But if you click on leave a comment and youve got to have a channel. So i created a channel and i was able to leave comments for some of the people that i follow and theyre fairly diverse.
I watched ted talks theyre educational talks its an interesting series i like games for example. I started out watching a replay of myst that i played years ago. And then riven and and so on and and then i i watched portal and portal.
2. Series. Love it i mean theyre great series.
Really enjoyed the lusa so i was able now to leave comments and i watched some of the disney vloggers and cooking shows and and just all manner of interesting things because ive got ive got some time on my hands have been retired a while i do volunteer work well it occurred to me after watching a few especially the people that tell you how to get started how to create a channel and then aim toward younger people how to make money of being a youtuber and one of the things that they say oh by the way they all say press. The subscribe button and and like this video. I guess that helps you get some ratings.
I dont really expect to have ratings on our first video. Ive looked at some peoples first videos and it takes a little while so ill be patient. But i hope you enjoy the content.
Ive got a lot of ideas for future content. Id like to put out maybe three or four videos a month on different things still related to the kin keeper. Thought of passing along you know knowledge and and just share some stories that ive heard and stories of my own that i hope will be of interest not only to people my age to the younger people or they might look at him later on in life anyway back back to my original point since i had a youtube channel.
I decided to make a video or did i already say that ham. I may have to do some editing. Too okay so ive got a nice little cannon video camera and you know what its great so i decided i used the head.
I got a different tripod. I had a big stand up tripod and i said well that wont work because im sitting at my desk. Im in my my danner office at a third bedroom.
But a home actually and the the lighting. I picked up i dont know what bar light from home depot that you normally work using. When your workbench seems to be pretty good.
I guess ill find out eventually what better lighting. Is and the volume is just. The camera itself so that works anyway.
Where was i oh yes click on subscribe and like get some miles on and someone were pretty hard miles like i said. Im 74 and been around a while ive been married four times. My last true love she passed away about 14 years ago.
So i live alone. Ive got a cat thats a nuisance meow isnt mean one wants to be fed and hes water dish filled or needs a kitty litter replaced well once in a while wants to be petted and i guess. Thats okay im respectful of others i try to be respectful of others.
But i dont worry about being politically correct. Its hard to keep up with all the changes in terminology pee. It seems like folk search constantly trying to change.
The language change. The meaning and now with the texting. Theyve got all these abbreviations.
Then i have to go to google to look up the abbreviations from text. I get from the young peoples like what does that mean you know i know a few of them btw and row up rifle and things like that anyway life is hard and just a matter of learning survive and accepting the condition well what you got and by god. If you cant be grateful for what you got its hopeless.
I mean no matter how little it seems youre always better off than somebody else youre always better off than somebody else it could be worse and one day as i said im using it alone. When the voice came out of the gloom and said cheer up things could be worse. So i cheered up and sure enough things got worse.
But for now. I just focus on staying healthy and and you know pursuing interest in my post career life. I had a busy career worked a lot of hours enjoying what i did i was in the information technology field.
And that was one of the things that my great grandson he asked me about.

of the following family members, who is most likely the family kinkeeper?-0
of the following family members, who is most likely the family kinkeeper?-0

He said. Well what did you do in your career well it was fascinating because i started out early on when computers filled entire rooms. And we didnt have pcs.
I didnt even have a hand calculator. I used a slide rule in school. So he was interested in that in the early days.
Information systems people it was a small community. I worked for ibm for a while for several other companies met milla gates. When he was just starting out.
He was at the national computer conference. One year and of course. I didnt know who he was and didnt owe you a billionaire someday.
But so be it and i try to keep myself or mentally try to stay in decent physical shape and try to have an active social life. Because those are vitally important for older folks. Otherwise a lot of them sinking the depression and loneliness and you know thats when they really start fail.
And oh by the way. I mentioned early on that a lot of the young people they call me uncle bob. I dont know why.
But thats fine uncle bob works. Ive done a lot of traveling him over in britain. Theres a term and bobs your uncle is the actual phrase for example you might ask directions to some place and a british person might say oh you go up the street.
About three blocks turn right. And bobs your uncle and well bobs your uncle thats right aha. Well.
I had to look that one up too turns out that in the uk and bobs your uncle means. That thats there there you have it there it is theres a french expression at voila voila. I dont know the french.
I dont speak french but anyway. But ive always been fascinated by odd phrases and idioms where they come from why do we say those things. And thats a good topic for another video dont you think for example.
My grandfather used to say we grow too old too soon old and too late smart and ive found that that was firming over german saying and thats really true unfortunately. Now i do have some ideas for a list of topics that i think id like to you know go into a little bit. Im interested a lot of things as i mentioned the origin of idioms and common phrases.
I might like to take a look at those old guys on trikes. I write a motor trike. Ive got a big old gold wing and instead of a two wheeler which i cant hold up and bounce on anymore my age i decided i still like the wind in my face so i ride a three wheeled motorcycle maybe a good topic would be whats up with the younger generation anyway there theyre doing these days.
I hear a lot of things. But i dont really see it in some of the people that i meet that generation z or whatever. It is really young ones they tend to be more and more isolated in their day.
They are probably too much into their electronics. And playing too many games and spending too much time texting. But use a poem for calling people lets like it was designing for i got a desktop computer.
I got a laptop computer i got decent computers or decent storage. I dont know anyway just an philosophy of life in general now for folks my age we could talk about some things that happen after you retire especially if you live alone. What are you gonna do with your time now personally i dont golf.
I dont go fishing. I dont have a boat. I do ride the motorcycle.
I do take trips occasionally so thats good thats thats time on the road and time to go in new places and meet new people so thats a good thing. I do volunteer work i volunteer for many many years in the community theater and i built sets and i did some acting was on stage. I was on the board of directors for at a couple community theaters.
And i enjoyed that for the time that i did it i was a docent at a historical museum for a while beachs historical museum for the last 13 years have been volunteering at a local hospital. I do enjoy that so these are some things that im like talking about a little more in depth as to how we go about volunteering knowing that burn ourselves out volunteering and so how that adds to your life. And of course.
I try to stay involved socially. I know a lot of people around here. I know my neighbors they know me they look for me if they dont see me for a few days.
That one might come knock on the door make sure im okay. Thats good i like to help others. When i can and just kind of pay it forward occasionally my fine mental line at a store.
And like i would bought groceries this morning and somebody steps up behind me. And theyve only got one or two items so make sure that you know they get up front. They theres no sense.
Im standing behind me with my grocery cart. I dont pay too much attention to whether food is non gmo or gmo as far as im concerned all food is genetically modified. I mean look at corn corn was just a wild grass before the incans of the peruvians were it was you know started cultivating it tomatoes.
Those were thought to be poisonous until they were cultivated and didnt modified through interbreeding. So i mean look at the animals. Oh and most animals that we use for food have been genetically modified through breeding selective breeding thats genetic modification so i dont know and then theres the big area of honey stay financially healthy.
Ive tried to give advice to some of the younger folks grandkids that are in the working world and ill say are you in a 401k plan and theyll say oh no no we dont do that i said. Its money laying on the table take it you know if your company is gonna put up 3 against your 3. Thats 6 year your income thats going toward your savings your retirement well yeah.
Im not worried about retirement right now and or whatever. The excuse is they just dont see it fortunately or unfortunately. Ive always been a saver.
But i think thats because my older generation was poverty minded having gone through the depression. And you know you saved a penny saved a nickel eventually you could afford what you wanted and goodness. But i also tried to tell the young folks they need to balance their work life and their personal life.
Because your familys important. Its important part of everything you do and i know work life gives you an identity and it gives you a purpose youve got to get up in the morning youre gonna earn the paycheck so you can pay the bills but you can get into a rat race that way and thats not healthy so i like to coach younger folks to on balance. So i guess you can see by now that i wont be doing product reviews and im doing cooking shows.
Im not diy do it yourself home repair or im not going to show you how to change the oil in the motorcycle. Theres already plenty of videos out there on how to do that i dont do gardening. So theres no gardening tips here no sewing.
So no i think ill just stick with sharing experiences and hopefully in the comments that you leave down below. I will be able to expand these conversations and we can have our own conversations and i can go to some of your channels. And see what you have to say about these various topics that weve that we we get into if i can help or entertain just a few people and on youtube.
Ill be happy ill be satisfied with that and maybe just maybe. Theres one or two folks out there never left their own geographical location. Some people never get out of their home state.
Some maybe their home city. They never get out of for one reason or another and i can talk about some of the places. Ive traveled to there are other people perhaps that are home alone.
They dont have activities theyre lonely. Theyre depressed and they just need a friendly face somebody to talk to even if i cant hear them talking to me they can talk to me they just we wont be talking to each other at the same time theres people who are confined because of physical conditions and they obviously have to get to the outside world through social media. So in any event.
I hope this will be the memory. I can leave behind for future generations or you know even the next generation to stumble across and to enjoy like i said pictures arent gonna do it eight millimeter sixteen millimeter. Films arent gonna do it because thats stuff you know what fades away over time.
The cloud is maybe a good answer for leaving something to future generations. Because of technology and because of the duplication to back up and you know the better media. So youtubes probably.
The answer at least for me to leave something for for the kids for the grandkids for the great grandkids. So until next time take care stay healthy be good to yourself. And others.
And i wish you all the best. Oh. Yes.
Subscribe and push to the like button on this video. Thanks. A lot and look for my announcement of the next video applause.

of the following family members, who is most likely the family kinkeeper?-1
of the following family members, who is most likely the family kinkeeper?-1

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