Factors of 63

prime factorization of 63
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alright lets find the factors 63 and I like to find it by writing 1 times the original number and then finding all the numbers in between these two will to go into 63 no it doesnt add in it end in an even

or either a even number or 0 lets pick up the pace 3 goes into 63 21 times 4 does not go into 63 5 does not because it doesnt end in 5 or 0 but 6 will go excuse me 6 will not

go into 63 but 7 will go into 63 and 7 times 9 is 63 and they on the number left in between these two is 8 8 is not going to 63 so we have all the prime numbers they are 1 3

7 9 21 and 63 now lets find the prime factors of 63 lets begin with 3 times 21 circle the 3 because it is prime and now 3 times 7 is 21 circle both of these because they are prime so the prime

times 3 times 7 or 3 squared times 7 so there we go here are all the factors of 63 and here are the prime factorization of 63 thanks for watching and moomoomath uploads a new math and science video everyday please subscribe and share

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