Emma Watson: In The Bag | Episode 17 | British Vogue

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I know what so and this is my back my friends call me at the bag lady and the reason for this is that I dont really pack light so I have slope again uh who is freezing coals always so Im always carrying a scarf I have two phones I have money my work phone I have a personal phone both of them are usually dead this is a strategy of mine its kind of how I deal with how stressful life can be it does drive people

around me a bit mad meeting my best hair scrunchie the endless debate cool not cool horrible not horrible this ones leather start make it any color I dont know tampon my mom bought me this bag its filthy now lets travel around the world with me its got my mittens in it vitamin C vitamin D basics my book club is reading beloveds right now by Toni Morrison she won the Nobel Prize for Literature Ive been doing this for the last year its called the 5-minute

journal you get to write three things youre grateful for you get to write a daily affirmation Im not the end of the day thats for eighty-three amazing things that happened and you get to know about better thank-you cards yeah so Im 29 and I still carry something that looks like this its a hot water bottle my favorite thing to do when I get on an airplane is to ask if they will fill this up for me deodorant essential it smells good it doesnt have loads

of nasty crap the packaging is recycled its vegan so some random graphs trolls better than a mess of straw right I mean I dont know if its gonna break at some point but I hasnt yet got back makeup remover pads but you throw in the washing machine and then you have to throw so much stuff away use of my keys thanks to spray did I make that look enjoyable I dont know maybe I need to do that again anyway m/v rose hydrating mist toughest brand

can ask them Philippi this is why you need sunglass case which I dont use thats pretty really scratched terrible have a muscle rub that says quit your bitching tooth mousse its meant to protect the enamel on your teeth tooth mousse Sun screen yes very important especially if you live in LA or wherever actually even if you live in the UK Sun screen lets do this thing nail polish thats it tada this is why they call me the bag lady house keys scrunchie tooth ruse

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