Editing a .cfg for FSX or similar

how to open cfg files
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okay in this tutorial were going to look at how we can open a CFG file or flight simulator or similar okay so Im going to go to the Start menu move my computer to Windows CE Program Files talks of games to X and Im going to go down to objects airplanes and thats very for example to the seven four seven and now here is
The Voltreport how-to-open-cfg-files-1 Editing a .cfg for FSX or similar
my CFG file so problem you may have been having is opening this file and then trying to edit it and then it waits it says access denied when you try and save it so how to solve this problem so first of all go into this and you select properties go into security you click advanced he then going to change permissions and he select the
The Voltreport how-to-open-cfg-files-10 Editing a .cfg for FSX or similar
users all of your users so you need to go into your administrator make sure that every single one of these boxes ticked saying allow and then also do this for every single one particularly this one all of your users make sure all of those are tech see to click the top one thatll all be checked then just click OK then remember to click apply
The Voltreport how-to-open-cfg-files-11 Editing a .cfg for FSX or similar
and okay you then make sure that this is opening in notepad so you can open this file in notepad youll then be able to open this editor and save it okay and then that should work thank you for watching my tutorial I hope that this was very helpful to you that youll be able to and youll be able to have your add-ons on from now
The Voltreport how-to-open-cfg-files-12 Editing a .cfg for FSX or similar
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