Divide 128/-16

128 divided by 16
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hi Im Shaun Gannon and this is minute math and today were going to learn about multiplying dividing positive and negatives and we want to find each quotient so if I was given this quotient 120 divided by negative 16 well I can rewrite that as a fraction of 128 over negative 16 well 128 I want to break down right I cant really see this right ahead how many times 16 goes into it so 128 I can break down well 128
The Voltreport 128-divided-by-16-1 Divide 128/-16
2 goes into that right I would like there used to its just easier right mm Oh 128 were looking at 16 4 times 64 well 64 is these thats 8 times 8 okay and Im actually gonna stop here Im not gonna keep breaking it down because I see a 16 in the denominator and 16 I know I can break down to me thats negative 2 or negative 1 lets do that negative 1 times 2 times 8 in the numerator
The Voltreport 128-divided-by-16-10 Divide 128/-16
so far is just 2 times 8 times 8 and then to a full prime factorization it factored out the Cartland well thats great for me because the 2 cancels here the 8 cancels now Im left with 8 divided by a negative 1 well 8 divided by negative 1 is negative 8 which is just our final answer so again lets recap we had 21:28 / name is 16 okay 128 I can break down to be 2 times 64 and 64
The Voltreport 128-divided-by-16-11 Divide 128/-16
is just 8 times 8 so now we can I stop there because I know 16 was a negative negative 16 was negative 1 times 2 times 80 and from there I have have fixing up enough ignores that cancel out so 2 times 8 times 8 the numerator denominator negative 1 times 2 times game twos cancel eights cancel were lots of eight divided by this negative one thats right there eight divided makeit of one is then gonna be our final
The Voltreport 128-divided-by-16-12 Divide 128/-16
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