Deleted Discord Images Are Saved In Your Cache (Update In Description)

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okay Im not sure if many people know about this couldnt find any information about it online but I dont feel like the majority of people that use discord know about this because when you think about it its actually kind of scary so youre gonna want to make sure that you turn on your hidden folders its in your C Drive users and then your the name of your user account on your computer thats a photo called AppData its and its not a particularly secret folder so youll see a bunch of your program names have a folder in this outdated including discord now while I was snooping around in here I noticed this this cache folder its obviously rather large and now its full of files that dont really make any sense you cant open them with anything unless you open a terminal in this folder Im not using a regular terminal Im using git bash that just lets you do some extra commands so so first Im gonna loop over all these files in 4x in and then ever say do em V dont sign X what were basically doing here is for every file in this folder we are adding in Ill put this command of the description we are adding a dot PNG on the end of these files and so at the end of the loop we just want to hit done run that command and every single file in this folder will become an image right before your eyes now the interesting thing about this is theres a lot of images in this folder in fact this is every image that youve ever received on this cord even if it has been deleted so if someone were to DM you something right now on discord and then delete it immediately if you saw that and Im not specifically sure if you have to look at the image or whether it just saves it anyway but if it comes to your client it is saved in this folder now even on the privacy and safety page I cant seem to find any option to clear my cache so if if someone sent me something potentially bad or illegal its
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its on my drive and I feel like most people dont know that this is here when Ive gone through here there are images in this folder from lit literally like six seven months ago and and its its weird because now I dont think this is something that discord really can change or something they were trying to hide its just something they havent drawn attention to or anything that theyve told that uses that is happening I feel like a lot of you that are watching this theyre gonna want to go in here and clear your cache just in case someone sent you something bad or because what makes it even weirder is that it you dont even have to have been sent the image like if you went into a discord that had an image that was potentially bad it could be in this folder and so it would make sense for you to be able to clear this folder from the client or at least for people to know that these images are stored on your hard drive this isnt like a hostile exposed disk or thing I felt compelled to make a video about it because I didnt know about it and I know last time I went to discord with the technical issue I received a response from their trust and safety team that was rather condescending and almost as if I didnt know what I was talking about like I did a little search for this on Google and really I only found this reddit post it has one upvote theres discord cache deleted images no here theyre referring to images that are saved on discord servers usually on disk or theyre pretty good the image will be gone like when you put it in the URL bar let me let me show you what I mean here photos drop an image and no idea who that is but and then I were to just delete this lets copy the link first copy link now if I were to paste that into a web browser thats gone sometimes it will still be here because the content delivery service CloudFlare may cache the image but usually theyre pretty good
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at marking that as deleted so you wont be able to find it but it almost gives the illusion that you know if you delete something on discord its gone when in reality its not because whoever received it has it in their cache folder and you dont know who has it thats the thing like anyone that has good day its connected or that saw that image could have it in their cache folder hopefully I dont look stupid and there isnt actually an option to delete your cache but from what I can see there is that there is absolutely no acknowledgment to that cache existing on my PC text and images no no no no nothing quit discord so Im gonna quit discord and trying to leave this cache folder okay thats gone now Im gonna open up discord Im gonna get one of my friends to send me an image and were gonna find out after he deletes it whether its still in the cache folder and then Im gonna get him to post in a server that Im in and and see if its in there okay cache is back immediately this is full of full of stuff cuz obviously all these images okay hello you willing to help me with this experiment friends no Im gonna need you to let me first count the amount of files that are in here theres 150 theres 150 in here 164 now right so under 6 people send me an image okay there you go there you go okay is that good enough its bringing another one you know you have this one as well there you go alright so now what you want do you want a lot more images of I mean you can keep going why do you have these why are these I mean theyre gonna be on your computer so why do you have them okay so you can see these images appearing in my cache immediately I would send me one and then delete it immediately I ran out of pictures of anything will do you gotta have the swallow gun okay not the same image just needed if I need a completely new image
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no no thats the same as you sent me the same image the reason why Im not getting another one is because its the same image like its not gonna wreak a thats the point of the cache so he died you have got to got it yeah okay you go go okay its the same image brilliant brilliant undred 68 delete it now okay its gone everyday still go 268 every year boom BAM were gonna turn all these into images so that image that you just sent me oh theres all the pictures of no glue here and the image that you just deleted is right here now what Im gonna try something send an image in yeet and see what happens you got to eat chat yeah so I havent got that yet so its not in my cache but if I click on yeet there it is and and it did load it again this time yeah 160 970 cool so yeah what is that so you have to have seen the image least that thats I guess the silver lining but weird I know if youre coming back to my channel and youre like oh my God where have you been where all your videos gone Im coming back to you too very soon Ive been streaming on Twitch full time at the moment last time we spoke I was talking about something that I was making and yes I am very much still making that thing and you will hear about it soon those on twitch already know and have been following for months and months and its been doing really well on twitch so you know they just paid that I hope you guys are all having a great day and this video was enjoyable to you maybe if you stick around and give this video a like Ill make more of them and leave a comment down below about what you think about this whole situation I want to know because stuff like this really interests me and when I found it I couldnt help but want to share it with you still yeah Ill see you guys in another video and yeah clear your cache
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