Converting SVG files to STL files for 3D Printing

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hello everyone recently I said about converting SVG files into three-dimensional files ready for 3d printing so I thought Id show you that process today Im starting out on a website called Tinkercad so Tinkercad calm and Im creating a new design so I need to import my SVG file there are other options where you can import different file types but SVG is the one Im looking for because Ive created it to use with cutting machines however this process is going to convert that into a three dimensional format because it was created in Illustrator Ive got the choice of art or art board so Im going for the art and then Im setting the initial size that its going to be imported as in real-world sizing so thats millimeters and theyre very quickly and easily is my three dimensional design of that doily SVG now I

can double check the measurements and I can edit now that its in the software and Im going to change the height of the extrusion to two millimeters instead of ten and Im just going to double check the overall size as well so thats right thats 100 millimeters on each edge just about so now Im ready to export that and I will export it as an STL file you can edit as sorry you can export as obiageli obj as well if you wish and there we go thats that process done so Im now going over to my 3d printing driver and Im going to find and load that design and there we have it thats now imported as the 3d file into my printer driver so the next stage for me to do is to slice that and get it ready for printing so I will

do that now using the printer driver software and there we go that process is now complete and I know how long its going to take and how much filament I will need obviously once thats printed out you can you and then use that in any of your real-world projects so for example in this canvas I used it as a background for the 3d printed angel and then on this design I used part of it for a background in an altered alarm clock there were other three-dimensional elements that I printed and used in that project – the same process will work with SVG files of words and sentiments so thats the quick and easy process for converting SVG to STL thank you very much for watching please dont forget to subscribe share the video with your friends and give it a like see you again next time

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