conversion of metric units centigrams to grams

centigrams to grams
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now lets look at another one theres 90 senses and strike and thats equal to how many grams remember that Im centi means 1/100 right senti right so its going to be a hundred for it centigrams equal one gram

thats going to help you it now how do you go from 100 when you have 107 grams to 1 gram howd it go for 100 to 1 divided by a hundred right so this is going to be a

rule that we didnt use so given 90 centigrams were going to divide by 100 and were going to get 190 divided by n trip well 100 k gone to 90 so put a decimal spot and this will point

and then put another zero behind it because the whole number can be the same as long as you put a decimal behind it and it was what a zeros as possible right and nine up nine hundred divided by

hundred is nine so nine times one hundred nine hundred subtract zero replace back the decimal spot thats one point and then you get 0.9 so 90 divided by 100 is 0.9 and ninety seven grams equal point nine grams right

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