Completely Disable Windows 10 Update Services

update orchestrator service
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hello youtubers um this is Johnny welcome to my channel today Im gonna show you how to disable Windows Update completely for your Windows 10 machine Im gonna use into machine to demonstration this process mine is the older version windows 10 which is hölderlin 1809 version and because they I have difference another machine is my host machine which is already upgrade after hating hole 9 version they have one extra service you need to disable okay lets look at that Lisa virtual machine I built it this is an not the latest version of Windows 10 we can take a look at the version so this is a Windows 10 Pro I watch in 1709 before 17 before 1809 the only three services to disabled after version 1809 you have four services so lets start from this version 17:09 basically musical service dot MFE for this version we have three service background intelligent transfer service Windows Update service and update Orchestrator service you cannot do lamb so we can disable em one by one the first one background intelligent transfer service stop it change it to disabled

alright first failure taking a lesson taking action take an action so thats all service to detail second service update Orchestrator service just scroll down scroll down petrol on update orchestrate her service detail it stop it take an action take no action to innovation and apply good for this version of Windows 10 the last service we need to disable is Windows Update service stop take no action taking action just make sure when it failed take no action so thats pretty much how you can disable all three services from older version of Windows 10 but if you are using an inversion after 1809 Windows 10 version hitting o 9 you may have different services to disabled so lets take a look to my system I can show you my version 1803 actually the same after version 1800 you can have these four services to disabled so Windows Update if you stop in here you can disable and the recovery put into taking no action also background transmission background intelligent transfer services you can do disable stop take an action take an action and then go down

to update orchestrate a service stop we will find so for this service youll find you cannot change the startup type to the disabled say machine on Windows Update stop not same thing for Windows Update for Windows Update you can disable from here Patrese and knowledge services you have to do with Windows Update magic service the other one actually set it to disable what youre under so for those two service windows update matic service and after the orchestrator service you have to do it from registry qi lets start with Windows Update medical service so lets go to H key local machine system currentcontrolset services theres a service which name is wo a a has Matic service here change the start from 3 to 4 thats it Id love for a service Windows Update ematic service and then Im failure action select it and then tap 0 in here data now were gonna change the update Orchestrator service first we need to stop the service from come online in to run from as a demonstrator this is Ill be using administrator privilege to run command line command

prompt we turn a stop see yeah we already stopped lat nan only using accessories tonight so we can do it from an online then we study same thing using that key to change it so same go to the service us our service start value change to 4 and failure action this change theorem save it k9 go back here now Im in Italy pulled our machine I shouldn t put it lets check about services again first services McGraw Jacks background intelligent transfer service is disabled second is update Orchestrator service update Orchestrator service is disabled he wasnt able to do it but now its began today man Windows Update service it was disabled in the automatic service its all here it we are all good for now its now Windows Update service running in background anymore if you want testing for your application before I windows up I screwed it up in detail for it but its not like mented we always recommend it have Windows Update enabled and keep your system update as far as fast as you can thats all thank you for watching

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