Comparing Canvas Level Types

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Having trouble picking out a canvas for your needs not sure what the difference is between the levels and grades and the styles in this video right here were gonna go over all that coming at you right now Hey guys Wild4Games coming at you from my creative control playlist where I try to bring you the best tips, tricks, and even a little education just like right here that your first time here consider subscribing and ticking that bell so you know when my videos go live what Im painting on Twitch are on a live stream a lot of people ask me one question over and over what canvases do I paint on and thats a really simple answer I paint on whatever I can afford but usually that question is followed up by what are the differences between all the canvases out there and I thought thatd be a great video to go over because there are some really good things about all the different levels or grades of canvases out there that people dont know about but also sometimes more money doesnt equal better quality so lets take a look at all the differences between the grades and the levels out there thats gonna help a lot of you beginning painters out there on your painting adventure lets take a look okay lets talk about canvases for just one quick second this isnt gonna be a full tutorial canvases because thats thats a full another episode of a show of a video of another thing but lets talk about canvas or just one quick second theres generally two types of canvas theres linen which is made from flax and then theres cotton duck which is made not from ducks its made from cotton fibers what are the big differences linen general last longer its a more of an archival type of painting surface whereas cotton duck is basically the universal form of most all campuses out there due to its elasticity to be wrapped around so many different materials and its actually cheaper which means its easier for beginning painters to start on so thats just the basics out there alright lets start with our first canvas now a lot of you are probably familiar with this type of canvas this is the value pack canvas you see these sole generally in packs of like five seven or ten depending on the size that you get for this one right here this is a sixteen by twenty youre probably used to a card like this but a lot of you guys have probably never read what the card really is Ill put up on the screen so you can easily see it but basically it tells you what type of material used in it these are cotton duck so its easily stretch its got a nice little elasticity which is good and bad for a lot of things they are prompt but on the lower level once the priming is not as good a lot of these have a really rough surface that you can feel to the touch here and a lot of the times theyre not thoroughly coated so what I recommend to actually improve these canvases is just go and buy some basic white acrylic paint and paint over these before you actually do paint with these on with oils or your acrylics and actually I recommend buying a lot of these lower canvas ones or lower style canvas ones because when you actually put one or two extra coats of gesso on there which you can buy in bulk for really really cheap you increase the

actual value of this canvas by a lot you can pretty much bring it up to a level 1 or level 2 the only negatives on this is generally the back theyre not really that strong for actual support so you may have to buy some shims which you can put in these corner pieces down here thats what those slots before thats another episode Ill get into that another point there they are stapling the back so theyre fully there but the only other thing Ive really noticed is they kind of dont have much firmness to them they do push in a lot if youre like me and do a lot of tapping in of highlights or mountains or clouds or like that or land or grass theres a lot of push and a lot of give which eventually will turn into sag over time if youre pushing so hard on the canvas the other thing Ive noticed is for the frame there are actually solid frames of wood when you get in the higher level of canvases sometimes youll notice theres a little bit of a babbling on the side that actually lists the canvas up from the actual wood so when you paint and push kind of hard or doing abstract paintings are you really into it youre not gonna leave an actual frame of paint around youve noticed sometimes when you push really hard on a sky or something like that that youll actually see a one inch by one inch going all the way around and thats a big no-no and thats because the canvas is actually not as taut as it should be or its because its not lifted up from the wood frame but all in all I highly recommend these these are great canvases perfect for beginners perfect for students actually perfect for anything beyond if you want to use it for professional grade I do recommend putting an extra coat or two of gesso on top of that here we have a level one canvas lets take a look at the card to see what it says when you purchase the canvas II and notice the differences level one campuses are back stable traditional canvases which means that their standard weight cotton duck they have archival quality theyre acid-free titanium acrylic gesso primed theyre 3/4 of an inch on the depth of the cannabis and they can be used for both acrylic and oil paints so when I paint with the level 1 canvas the big differences that I really notice is nothing I think the canvas I showed you before and a level 1 canvas feel to me exactly the same you know there might be a little bit more of a tight weave but it is far and few between the thing I dont like about it that youll notice on the backside is a lot of these are back stapled pretty much all of them are just back staple which can be a plus and a negative for a lot of things out there so if youre gonna ever have to re wrap a canvas its really easy to undo these because maybe it sags over time but thats a lifetime in a lifetime and a lifetime away if that happens unless youre doing mixed-media and theres a lot of weight hanging on your canvas that you may have to restate ball or restrain your life thats the only way I would probably recommend this canvas it is just the exact same as a little one canvas yes this does have a little more extra primer on it its got about

I think about two fluid ounces of extra primer on here and I do notice a little smoother finish its not as rough and its not as porous which is a good note for anybody out there doing wet on wet technique paintings because canvas is so porous its like a sponge it wants to soak in your paint which is why people prime canvases with acrylic or gesso its because they need to create a surface thats gonna allow the camps to be basically painting on top of so level one the only difference I really notice is the smoother finish now Ive noticed in these there are imperfections which Ill show you in some close-ups here of how the weave is or how the jest is applied its not that great compared to the lower level I think again I would probably buy the lower level versus the level one the only difference is if you need something bigger and a size they dont really make those value packs any bigger than a 16 by 20 so if you want to go big on a rectangle or square youre gonna have to go with the love of one out of a bare minimum this is a level two canvas lets take a look at the card to see what it says when you buy it upon purchase level two canvases are gallery wrapped traditional canvases which means that their medium weight cotton deck they also have archival quality acid-free titanium acrylic gesso primed theyre also three quarters of an inch depth and they can also be used for acrylics and oil paints now what have I noticed when I panic level 2 canvas actually I notice a lot I think level twos are actually where the step up takes place I would skip over level ones and go straight for level twos because I do think they are worth their money I do feel like theyre tightly woven even looks the same thing theres still cotton in fact all the levels pretty much duct cotton unless they say otherwise on the back but theres smoother finish you actually can feel a great difference because these do have an extra coat of gesso on them that have been applied to it and you actually start getting into gallery wraps now these are 3/4 inch so 0.75 inch wrap they can see back here on the side almost about the size of your finger so that way if you want to have it pop off your wall its gonna look great and they are actually wrapped onto the inside of the canvas theres a term for this but I cant sorry theyre wrapped on the inside of the frame I cant run with this terms called but Im sure somebody will correct me on YouTube I love these these look great they feel good they have great firm bounce to them on the back no need to apply some glue or gesso or water on the back and let it dry out and theyre nice and firm and you can actually start them start to feel them raised off of the frame so that way when you take paint to them youre not gonna have that one-inch problem going across level 2 canvases are my go-to campuses whenever I get a commission or a painting that I want to have even for my own homes I like the way they feel they take the paint off my brush really well theyre smooth and theyve got a great finish and no need at least Ive had no need yeah to put an extra layer of

gesso on top of these so I do highly recommend to canvas alright time for the big boy this is a level 3 canvas lets take a look at the card and see what it says upon purchase level three canvases are gallery wrapped heavy-duty canvases which means they have 15 ounces of primed gesso on them and as you can seen every surface has gotten smoother over the next which means this has the most gesso on top of it it also has one and a half inch depth on it which makes it a true gallery wrap from when you hang it on your wall it will pop off has acid-free titanium acrylic gesso that is for the priming surface its medium to rough surface which well go over and its for use for acrylic and oil paints and last it has those heavy duty beams set for its construction now these canvases are awesome level threes are the big daddies out there and the big thing that separates them from a level two to level three is the the wood that holds and supports them up is a lot thicker and stronger that is the biggest difference youre gonna notice and it goes into a full gallery wrap so it steps up from the 0.75 to a full inch and a half and youll notice it here on the sides because these are perfect for actually just hanging perfectly on your wall if they look awesome they pop off just make sure you paint the sides so that we get electro effect there and these are smooth as silk now they do feel just about the same as a level 2 but I feel I mean I could be pretentious here but I feel that its a little bit smoother maybe it does have a little extra coat of gesso on there although they do say that they are the same weight maybe just a bitter better distribution of gesso as its being primed but I feel like these are way better theyre just as firm they have a lot of bounce generally theyll have a little more support on the back with these cross beams in here usually you got some angled ones that you have in here or some actual straight across and vertical ones that go in there but I love these guys theyre wrapped perfectly you cant unwrap these if you ever need to restrain our League worry because these will last you know three four lifetimes there are beautiful canvasses I use them all the time for whatever I need to do a gallery wrap or any kind of commissioned and they are worth the money but heres a big caveat by them when theyre on discount this canvas right here probably cost anywhere from 70 to 100 dollars maybe even a little bit more I cant remember exactly but I buy them only when theyre 50 to 70% off because thats the best bang for your buck dont feel like you have to spend up just to get something now wait for sales to happen you know follow coupon deals beyond peoples email lists for all those deals thats the best way to save on the cash for these theres two more surfaces that I want to talk about that are going to be great in their economical out there one is canvas pads or canvas sheets you can pick these up at your local store usually comes ten or twelve sheets to a pack depending on the size that you get and the nice thing about these is essentially third-level two they have the

same amount of gesso theres still cotton duck here theyre perfect for practicing I usually just take mine to some cardboard or wood and I can practice and theyre gonna be great the second one we have here is actually canvas boards same thing its basically these sheets wrapped around cardboard now these are generally a little bit thinner and the only bad thing about them is what its actually mounted to is card board so if the prime gesso thats on here isnt that good itll soak in that paint like a sponge big no-no if youre a wet on wet painter because its gonna take that wet and wet paint and soak in there and your colors wont blend at all so make sure you give it a nice feel for the most part theyre primed well with gesso but I have had a time or two where Ive gotten one or two bad cards in a pack and Ive had a Jes of them so make sure you feel them before you start painting on them as youll notice the gaps you can also sometimes see the reflection in them if theres any like scratches or misses in there that you might have to fill in the gaps as well so lets go over really quick what weve learned as you step up in levels from canvas in their grades generally youre paying for more and how many more coats of gesso there are how well is it stretched what kind of stretching is it is it standard stapled or gallery wrapped and the actual thickness of the depth as you move up into gallery up and thats generally it now there are differences between cotton duck and linen but like I said thats another video that will do add another point but just keep those in mind and just to let you know theres no one canvas thats better than the next pic the canvas thats gonna suit your needs a lot of the time some painters need rough texture that they want to show and pull through on a canvas some people need a nice smooth one some people need primed or not prime its completely up to you and your needs Im doing this from the basics of a beginner thats jumping in there by myself to you wet on wet painting so I need something thats always gonna be primed or double-pronged or even triple prime so that where the paint stays nice and wet on there and that way I can move the colors all around as I continue my painting adventure for I dont know one painting session two painting sessions so make sure you pick whats best for you out there I just want to say thank you all for watching out there once again my name is wild if you ever want to see me paint on Twitch just follow me at wild for games and if you want to follow me on all my social media on Instagram Twitter make sure you follow me on that as well link in the description below you can check that all out or if you guys need any supplies make sure you check it all on it down below feel free to like and share this with your friends and if you guys have any questions yourself about canvases or painting surfaces or anything youd like me to review or explain even more feel free to leave a comment below I like getting educated myself and educating you guys back I will see you guys in the next painting adventure next time take care and peace

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