cm to in (How to Convert Centimeter to Inch)

137 cm to inches
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In this video Im going to go over how to convert centimeters into inches but these steps will work for any conversion problem as long as you use the numbers that are applicable for your problem step one is to get the conversion ratio so for all these problems were going to have two units and so we have to know how many of one unit equals how many of another unit and so this comes from memorization or just looking it up in this case 2.54 centimeters equals one inch step two is to write your given number

as a fraction and so that just means the number you were given in your problem in this case its forty six point five two centimeters remember that any number can be written as a fraction with the denominator of one and also we have to use our units as well and so unless its clearly drawn in the denominator our units are going to be in our numerator as well so our fraction looks like this and step three is to write the conversion ratio as a fraction and solve so first we take our number down here

we know were going to have some math and we figure that out by using our conversion ratio in step one so we need to focus on canceling to end up in inches we need to cancel out centimeters so in centimeters on the numerator here it means we have to put it on the denominator here so that means that our left hand side here 2.54 CM goes down here which means that one inch goes on the top here now we can cancel out we can see were going to end up an inch which is what

we want and we can also see that our math is going to be to divide forty six point five two by two point five four so our final answer is eighteen point three one inches I hope this video helped you if you just learned how to convert I have a conversion video that goes over a ton of practice problems and how to do it with any unit and as always happy studying hey I hope you liked that video please feel free to subscribe click around and watch my other tutorials and as always happy studying

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