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yeah whatever welcome back YouTubes been on a bit of a hiatus havent quit buying and testing tools though socket rails whats there to know about soccer rails well as it turns out there can be quite a bit to know whats the best option for you entry-level tech DIY er maybe any technician or DIY are looking to have some socket rails to throw in your mobile bag we all want to save money right well maybe not all of us a lot of us want to save money though we want to have positive results and not spend an excess of money and doing it I think Ive got a few different options here different brands variations on a theme though socket rails so got analysis of some of these Ive been testing them over the last couple of months banging them around in a mobile bag and drawing some definite conclusions and Ill be back with those in just a minute as always check out the links in the description for Amazon if you buy through those links helps me out doesnt cost you anything extra stay tuned okay so Ill probably start off with my least favorite its this this kind the steel stamp to get the little socket pieces on here this ones actually from Harbor Freight you can get these all over the place theres a a craftsman one its a little bit more deluxe you got that a handle on an angle this ones made the USA so if youre all about that sort of thing maybe this is going to be something of a preference for you but Im old enough to remember when this was like the only game in town you know Im old enough to remember like you know the 90s and Ive have more experience with these than I have with about any other kind and Ive pretty consistently detested these things the entire time theyre inconvenient you know it seems like you try to grab a socket off there you end
The Voltreport socket-rails-0 Choosing The Best Socket Rails For The Money | Olsa Ares Craftsman Harbor Freight Carlyle
up slicing your hand I dont know I dont think Im particularly axe prone but these are anywhere I dont know Harbor Freight you can get several of these for a couple bucks by the way everything I have on the table here is 3/8 just about everything here you could get in quarter inch you can get 1/2 inch as well but just for the sake of the comparison Im doing the 3/8 so the sheet metal kind relatively inexpensive well very inexpensive I should say but probably about my least favorite next least favorite another Harbor Freight item and Ill tell you the socket retention with these with a with a ball detent in there this the socket retention on these plastic ones again you get several of them for like just a couple dollars quarter inch 3/8 half inch socket retention actually pretty good okay I havent really had any issues with that the problem is if you put any larger sockets on it you can just see how much these things deflect theyre theyre pretty flimsy so if youve got something smaller maybe 3/8 shallow would work but when you get into like the 3/8 deep and it becomes pretty iffy you know I havent actually broken one of these but you know they always feel like theyre right on the edge of breaking so 3/8 deep impact socket stuff like that that these these are going to be pretty quickly overmatched heres the absolute gem of this whole thing Harbor Freight 18 inch magnetic tool holder for the very low price of potentially free yeah yeah you guys have seen it if you dont have coupons check out a lot of times free with any purchase hfq PD be calm for your Harbor Freight coupons thats Harbor Freight coupon database I actually spent I was looking for my magnetic bar and couldnt find it was buried under a pile of stuff so I just went bought one of these with a coupon it was three bucks very very sturdy
The Voltreport socket-rails-1 Choosing The Best Socket Rails For The Money | Olsa Ares Craftsman Harbor Freight Carlyle
you know steal a relatively strong magnet and I know a lot a lot of people go for the magnetic rails like the vehm rails those are they look really nice I dont have any of those personally and never wanted to spend the money seems like theyre oftentimes $30 in that range yeah thats a little thats a little steep for me get the same effect a little bit less deluxe looking Harbor Freight they the only drawback to this is too many things in your bag and you got open magnet space here its going to attract other stuff so you might get stuff sticking on the magnet that you dont want on the magnet but these are very very sturdy and they have good socket retention I dont think that they retain sockets quite as well as what Im going to show you next but theyre very very good and like I said free a lot of the time who could be done locking socket rails Carlisle these were actually on sale last month I think there are regularly 20 bucks at NAPA for these Carlisle rails and Ive got these deep impact sockets on here but you see the twist these are locking so you line up the ball detent like if youve got wallet here a space for it in the socket give it a twist and it locks it on the rail so these have the best potential for socket retentions a lot the locking the only thing I dont really like about these is that the rail is plastic its sturdy but its not as sturdy as the Harbor Freight its its definitely sturdier than the cheapo plastic because its its thicker and you can see you got some channel there and some rigidity and some support I dont like them as well as the Harbor Freight free rail and then you get to your amazon option which ill put links for also tools some of you guys will recognize that name aries theres another name you
The Voltreport socket-rails-10 Choosing The Best Socket Rails For The Money | Olsa Ares Craftsman Harbor Freight Carlyle
might know these are all the same rails this is actually a set of those astronomic nano sockets so for $28 for a set of these sockets it came with this aluminum rail this is the same style as the areas the also that companies have these exact same rails theyre just branding them something different aluminum rails theyve got these like plasti style end caps you could slip on and off and make if you miss the the socket clips if you lose some you can buy replacements you just unclip the end here and slide them on there I actually tried with the cheapo Harbor Freight take these clips off of here these plastic clips and put them on these rails and they dont they dont fit there theyre not exactly the same as these socket clips one difference I would say the OL so tools in this three-eighths I think they came with 18 and the areas only came with 16 so a couple little differences there but its mostly just the name branded on it all the coloration options are the same I got like a orange one here and a black and then a nice nicely anodized blue got paid 12 bucks for both of these eat each of these so this is at the higher end of the pricing spectrum but like I said earlier with the vehm rails its easy with rails like these to get upwards of 30 dollars in a hurry and the good thing with the aluminum ones you can buy them in a combo set with like you know quarter inch 3/8 and and a half inch four I want to say under 30 bucks okay so the bottom line as I see it is this free is a very good price so the best deal here the Harbor Freight 18 inch magnetic rail if you can get it for free even if you can get it for a few dollars with a coupon if you cant get the free coupon still well
The Voltreport socket-rails-11 Choosing The Best Socket Rails For The Money | Olsa Ares Craftsman Harbor Freight Carlyle
it delivers really good soccer retention is very very stable sturdy does have a couple of drawbacks like I said if you got anything else magnetic in the bag gonna have a tendency to kind of stick to those things but excellent option and most of the time you can get it for free the Carlisle rail for 20 bucks I would take a hard pass on this if you can get it for 10 might be worth it my my personal opinion on this for have it after having it for just a little while here Im probably not disappointed but I dont like it nearly as well as I thought I would if locking sockets is a must for you a locking socket rail this could be a good option for ten bucks Id like it better if it was aluminum instead of plastic but then wed be stepping up quite a bit in price Im sure so not a bad option these flimsy stamped steel rails I basically hate these this plastic rail from Harbor Freight probably wouldnt recommend it the aluminum rails I really like them all other things being equal if you get them for the same price I would probably opt for whichever one gives you more socket clips so in this instance its the Olsen tools check around on there like I said Ill leave a couple of links in the description getting basically the same rail unless this one the Aires has 16 clips it also has 18 clips so act accordingly know this if you get these nice astronomic nano 3/8 impact sockets in metric you get the rail free with those so Ill leave a link for those in the description to really like these so a few different options for you all at the lower end of the pricing spectrum with these options youre gonna find something in here youre probably gonna like really well thats my guess Ill see you in the next video Ive got other videos up coming until then TTFN
The Voltreport socket-rails-12 Choosing The Best Socket Rails For The Money | Olsa Ares Craftsman Harbor Freight Carlyle
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