Character Analysis of John Proctor

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Is a character analysis of john proctor. The hook. Because it is my name is is something said by john proctor towards the end of the play and leads to fate in the end proctors fighting with himself about whether or not to confess to witchery and the lies that come with it since he does not want to ruin his name in his reputation.
Its essentially all he has left the play is entitled the crucible. It authors. Arthur miller in the genre is a tragedy.
Proctors in conflict with myself throughout the whole play because he just not whats up anyone know of his affair. He wants to preserve his integrity. Thats what he has left and it leads to various things in the trials that makes him a very honorable man in the end.
He doesnt want people to salem.

who is the tragic hero of the crucible-0
who is the tragic hero of the crucible-0

And he finds forgiveness with himself parkers motivated by wanting to keep his integrity throughout the whole play john doesnt want us to come to the lives of abigail. Because she has accused him of worshipping satan as well as his family. He knows that that hes an honest man at the end because he tears.
The paper with his name on it that would have ruined him and he not destroyed it thus his name and its equity as well as his desire for the truth prevailing in this quote. Saying that hes confessing to his affair. But he also forgives himself and finds that he can preserve his integrity in this way.
John proctor. Decides that because he wants to keep his good name and reputation. He does not confess to witchery.
It leads to his death.

who is the tragic hero of the crucible-1
who is the tragic hero of the crucible-1

But he kept his name and that is all he wanted after he tears. The paper and theres your first marvel that i can you have major magic now for now. I do think i see some goodness in john proctor.
And this means proctor as finally found forgiveness in himself. After he chose to destroy the paper. How does proctor change as a character by the end of the plane proctor changes.
Because he learns to forgive himself. I dont understand that hes not a perfect human being he too makes mistakes. And he is humbled by it at the end of the play he have his goodness now as a quote said by elizabeth proctor.
She is says this when hes taken away and it shows that he forgave himself and he forgives her and she forgives him john proctors a character who has conflict within himself.

who is the tragic hero of the crucible-2
who is the tragic hero of the crucible-2

He cannot see him at the beginning to forgive himself for having an affair with abigail williams. But towards the end. He finds he will the will to forgive himself.
When he tears. The paper that held a signature with lies that would have ruined him had he kept the paper heres your. End.
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who is the tragic hero of the crucible-3

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