Caye Caulker Belize Island – Travel guide 2019

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So we all have a good time? Yay !! Music So its our first morning waking up on the beautiful island of Caye Caulker, here in Belize. Absolutely beautiful, just off the coast from Belize City, one of the main islands that the tourists come to, absolutely and check out how blue this water is, and today were gonna give you a guided tour of this beautiful island, and in this beautiful Inlet there are hundreds of baby fish there are! Music So the island of Caye Caulker is actually only about five miles long, with a population of about 2,000 people, and you can see the blue sea behind me and if we turn around you can actually see the blue sea behind me !! Because that is how thin this beautiful little island is. So Caye Caulker is a destination that has become really popular with backpackers and theres various types of hostels and accommodation, that you can find here on the island. You also dont need to worry about being run over by cars, there are no cars on the island! If you want to get around the island, youll need to pick up one of the golf cart taxi, or you can hire them, or you can rent a bike, as a beautiful way to get around the island. Oh – looks good !! For lunch maybe, we will come back. So all around the island you can find various different places to eat, some of them have these wonderful like barbecue stations and grilled meats, like the one you can see behind me, and it smells absolutely delicious. Do you want to try – Grandmas recipe ! It looks beautiful, Grilled Chicken and coconut milk, rice, fried plantain. Whole snapper fish. Amazing So we walked down, only a few minutes walk to the end of the island of Caye Caulker, and there is a section called The Split which is a channel between the two islands of Caye Caulker. Apparently, it was caused by a hurricane back in the 60s, but now there is a beautiful bar called the “Lazy Lizard, where you can just hang out have a drink and just enjoy this amazing blue water, and the channel is great, because it allows boats to go in between without going all the way around the islands. And look how blue and clear this water is behind me! and I cant wait to get in that water, and I think for sure were going book a snorkelling trip. Marianne is trying to get some shade but theres no chance! Because its just too blue! Everythings blue. Music We got bamboo stuff, coffee cups, beer
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mugs, shot glasses – The most environmental man that makes craft on this island! Look at the skill that goes into this, look at this !! – that is beautiful. Look – proper bamboo !!, Thank you for looking after our Planet. You are welcome Music So another thing that you can do on the island of Caye Caulker, is eat ice cream ! and Mariannes got a banana split. Ive got a Rum and Raisin from the store behind me, and Im so hot, this is gonna taste so good. Owww Music So weve actually arrived on Caye Caulker in the month of May. Which is actually the beginning of their low season, its the beginning of their official rainy season. But theres no rain, but the prices I think are less during low season, so the Island nice and quiet, the sky is blue, so I would say May, is a really good month to come visit. So if youre worried about ATMs on the island, at the Atlantic Bank here that you can see behind me, there is an ATM and its located on the middle street of the island, and right opposite is the laundry, if you want to get any washing done. So in the modern pressures of society where you have to use the tumble dryer, not here my dears, we found somewhere thats wonderful. This ladys called Marie, and she runs her washing / laundry service, and for eight pounds of laundry its ten Belizean dollars. Its our second morning waking up on the island of Caye Caulker, and today, we are going on a snorkelling trip we put it all day snorkelling trip, and we are super excited at the chance to see maybe manatees, some sharks, some rays. One of the really funny things, as were walking down the street is the health and safety aspects, if you check out the scaffolding that we saw, while we were walking down the road, and its just like bits of wood on concrete blocks. I dont know how it stays up, can you imagine doing that back home? What health and safety? Exactly !! So during your stay here on Caye Caulker, you have to try snorkelling or diving, and as you walk around the island, there are so many snorkelling trips, and snorkelling outlets, that you can choose from. Were just in front of a lovely snorkel shop and we chose these guys over all the others because they dont feed the Sharks. We dont want to nag we dont want to moan but ultimately marine life is to be observed and not messed with. This place is environmentally friendly and we
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love that, they dont allow plastic onboard, and its really important they dont allow styrofoam for your lunch, and its just really really positive for the environment, to choose a place like this, and you can influence that by your choice of shop here on the island. So another thing when youre walking around the island is they have lots of stalls all the way down the street selling little bracelets and necklaces and souvenirs for your trip here, but please dont buy anything with shells whats from the ocean should stay in the ocean and we always try and avoid the stands that take the shells and things from the ocean, because that in effect is actually a crab or a marine lifes home. Weve got a couple of guys behind us. We have David and we have Alex, and were gonna go out for a nice days snorkelling with these guys and share everything with you. Music So weve got a fun group of six of us today, and David who is our guide Captain David and 2 lovely ladies from Australia Becky and Alex, and Larry and Shannon from the States. So another really good positive thing about using this tour group, is theyre one of the only ones that leave so early right? Yes! So we left at half past eight, but most of the other tours that we asked leave at 10 or 11 oclock. So theres only one of the boat that we can see in the whole sea, and thats a park ranger! So theres no other snorkellers here ! VIP So we get a private viewing of Shark Alley. As you approach Shark Alley you can see all the sharks that are coming up to the boat and the reason they come up to the boat is that so many tour groups actually feed the Sharks and they associate the noise of the engine with breakfast time ! Hopefully its the engine and not us, but sharks are lovers, and we are going to get in with these sharks And you get to see them in a more natural habitat, because once they realise you dont have food. They are going to go back to their natural day to day business. So our guide was just telling explaining that one of the problems with feeding the sharks, he has just thrown in a piece of seaweed, and all the marine life, sharks, fish, they are reacting and coming up, so if people throw rubbish in the sea, or a bit of plastic, they will react and come and feed. Also the sharks normally only come out and hunt at night. During the
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should be resting, And of course with this they are feeding in the day. Music So did we all have a good time or what ? WHOO HOOO !! Okay so if youre looking for some really good home-cooked food, here on the island of Caye Caulker, down by the beach, towards The Split weve come down to Chef Kareem, how good does this food look ? So weve ordered some spicy jerk chicken and some barbecued chicken, because we are starving, after all that snorkelling we did this morning and it looks so good! Cheers my lovely so how good does this chicken look ? Mmmm nice rice, Im gonna get my fingers dirty now! Oh that is so good, spicy jerk chicken, that really is finger licking good! Thats my first Authentic barbecue sauce. I think, it is smoky! It is smoky !! Really good jerk spicy chicken, time to eat! Music Welcome to Belize Baby – you have to taste Belize !! we have been baking for 29 years !! Banana bread, chocolate chip, coconut rolls, cinnamon rolls, made with rose water, brown sugar !! Music So were down here at La Pina and were here with Nino, the young chap that has set up this stall – this is the most environmental glass you will ever find and including in your drink you get a free bamboo straw, so we feel particularly proud to have met him and seeing this lovely fresh product that is done in such a nice environmental way as well, this island needs to protect itself and hes part of the team that are making it happen. Beautiful tasting fresh pineapple drinks and you can have it as a pina colada with rum and coconut cream or you can have it just with your ice. And a little sweetener – Although I didnt want the sweetener as the pineapple tastes so good anyway !! The white stuff on Chris face is marine safe sun tan lotion !! no it is my shark war paint !! Okay she is doing it – we are looking for Manatees can you make the noise? MOOOO Okay that apparently, is the mating call of a manatee! Lets see if it works !! We call her baby or a Phoebe, hello, how beautiful! Why does Marianne always find a puppy? she started it!! And this is Chef Kareem ? No ! this is Chef Carlos, his assistant !! So when we arrived on the island they told us dont worry, relax, enjoy, its island time and in fact Caye Caulker is so relaxed, that actually you might need somebody to remind you when its time to go home!
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