Catch and Cook TASTY Wild BIRD! | 100% WILD Food SURVIVAL Challenge!

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Im with Chris its uh Zach Fowlers apprentice he said he had a bead on a couple of turkeys a couple of Toms spending a lot of time out here in this field and he said we can come over hunting so Im gonna take that opportunity were running late we uh we just did another catching cook just got it done so hey we got a little bit of time we got about two hours till dark the birds are theyve been roosting about this time here so we got to get quick get set up lets get the decoy out we make a bra impromptu blind get something so that we dont have anything anything ready last time I was here they roost it up above me messed me up and so Im back here for revenge so were gonna set this decoy up theres two holes theres a hole in the front theres a hole in the middle here I find that looks like an on alert turkey hand I dont like that so I like to put it at the front one so and and then anchor the stick down below here so when it goes in the ground it looks like its a feeding hen which is not on alert hes gonna think first of all that she sees him and she should go to him and second of all that shes on alert and maybe think somethings up while making a back cover here we got front cover but front cover is only one thing forget silhouetted at the back here were gonna get busted so Chris is laying up above here so when something looks at us it doesnt see the human outline and you want to have something you can talk be online so that your whole face is a cover stuff thats behind that okay lets have a look from far away hows out thats good its not loaded okay that looks pretty good one stop up nice and I have something to talk behind that one like that and then well put the camera on the tripod here and the birds are gonna come from the right side of the garage weve got the decoy over here no gotta be quiet now Id say they might come in that feel any time yeah they come they roost over in the tree over here so then she picked her way back why get set up [Laughter] dude that bird man he worked he was gonna go do the slip again hes taking his time hes definitely taking his time we called those birds all the way across that field Mesa making sure hes not getting up and doing something silly no you down oh man I was pretty wild huh yeah are you shaking yeah these birds are 100% decoy shy man theyve been hunted hard theres a theres a girl and her dad hunting here with bows and once we started working in Im like shoot I dont know about that decoy we should have put um should have put the gobbler out there I think we put the gobbler out there those two Toms would have come in and just smoked it but you could see theyre not once theyve split up halfway one went out in the field no idea Im sprinting back no shoes that one went down he came back he came to beat up beat up his friends I

forgot their shirt your dog dad were gonna get you nice shot man he put him right down yeah no we called Colin hung up about what 200 yards in the middle of the field just stood there stood there stood there stood there stood there not one has anything to do with anybody and then I did a bunch of Perce just he was interesting though hes flopping should we go finish him Ill make sure he doesnt take off here as long as you doesnt get up dont shoot him again just make hasty probably yeah thing is man those birds hung up a good distance looking at that pen our hen decoy wouldnt come wouldnt come when calm and then was gonna know out of the field again Im like no not again there we go just a second tag you got tagged out here in Maine yeah nice northern turkey decent Spurs on lets beard like Oh a nice beard yeah go along nice long beard well thats longer than thats not thats a 9 or you keep your I dont know where it is I got this one yeah good spurs whats that about half inch comes quarter three quarter only three quarter that ones a little bigger Im feeling yeah about three-quarter inch three-quarter inch Spurs nice healthy bird beautiful full tom not to not hike thats beautiful so man did you learn anything definitely to stay quiet have a good backdrop yeah and dont call too much yeah another yeah its a big thing is like if a bird if it exactly if a bird is doing what you want it to do let it do what it wants to do yeah you know if its gonna come in let it come in if it hangs up let it hang up for a second you know when the bird gobbles dont call yeah because if you call youre telling the bird that youre hard to get exactly thats exactly right but in in nature in birds as far as turkeys go the the hen is supposed to go to the gobbler thats why the gobbler is all decorated the way it is it stands out you know its got a big bright head its got the the Spurs and its got a big beard its like and it struts out its like hey look at me and when the hand is not looking it goes like this gobble gobble gobble gobble Im right here were gonna make maximum use of this bird so were gonna pluck all the feathers out of this thing so that we can put it in the oven unfortunately we cant do it primitively we simply do not have enough time the other problem is we dont actually have anything to stop it with or cook it with or any like that so after we get this all plucked out were gonna go to the grocery store and pick some stuff up I know its probably something you know guys are not totally used to on my channel or maybe by the time you guys see this next spring or whatever maybe Ill be doing it more often alright so Chris said we have one hour left before the grocery store closes here I think we got that plucked out reasonably quickly I dont not the cleanest job Ive ever done but were a little strapped for time so well cut the wings off feet and gut it out where we

have a little bit more time and light well zip off now today grocery store and pick out some things we can stuff it try to keep it nice and moist all right were going into the store its called a Hannaford you guys have Hannafords all over this place is just like a main thing its the main thing yeah its not all over the US its a supermarket anyway were gonna go in full camo boots all because thats how successful we figured we were gonna be on this turkey hunt were gonna see how long we can film before we get in trouble Im gonna grab we decide on carrots onions garlic celery maybe what else would what else would just stuff it with probably one clothes one choice next dude pick here you go fit to try to all right were out of here we got to go back to Zacks its a little bit of a drive but a half an hour from here so were gonna zip over there were gonna be eating super late but thats what happens when you have to harvest your food yourself well half of your food yourself yeah here we go so this is gonna be all the fight where you going back here we go you want to be on it you you get another plug for your channel I didnt theres a complete separate video its all you guys it it no its you two yeah youre part of the team in this toxic kitchen that Im borrowing no it deserves some credit but yeah I was gonna go to bed they went out and shot a turkey and then they wanted to cook it and theyre like Im coming back I was like Im going to bed wheres that big knife you gave me you tease no you wants a big one I think I want to cut the head off with it this one yeah there you go its stuck to a magnet yep pull it hard all right so ready go work hell go right through it thankfully we have to be one cut and this is it after that we should be all off to the races part I got one more there we go okay see you guys well see you never get your turkey like this right where you have all the junk in there so were gonna do is were gonna pull out all the connective tissues should be able to pull intestines oh there you go were gonna push the intouch things back because we dont want all that to spill out were gonna tie that off and that ensures we dont lose any of it now were going to do is work our way up into the bird to get the rest of it out without puncturing anything can we we can all right so Im gonna free all the pitstop from the front theres all sorts of connective tissue yeah get some cold water on it nope well make it look nice for the rest of YouTube okay so we got our greens prepared we have carrots onions garlic were gonna have some olive oil and of course the dough is place this is available on follows maker mr. Kham you guys can pick that up so I dont think theres any particular order in which these need to go in so were just gonna kind of maybe decide which proportions of things we want to have

in there do we want to have more onions its a good drink get in there its almost theft I think this style of cookie would fly on a cooking show is this a cooking show Oh get a bird down on the ground here Oh course that happens I need to move it everything you want to fall out a paper towel and dry it off because you want to add some oil again on the top again this is gonna be a super super super dry bird Im just gonna oil it then well add our wood almost vice to make sure it sticks on to the bird all of that smells so little bit already its almost an edible form now I think it smells good legs in there set the oven set for 175 so were gonna cook this overnight all the way through the whole night till morning and by 12 hours from now lets say 10 hours from now its the bird should be cooked through 175 degrees so safe to eat and not dry because it wont just be really really slow cook here we go Ill see you guys in the morning good morning guys you might be wondering why the weird way to eat this is well everybody sleeping first of all Chris is out like a light snoring Ive got a 12-hour drive ahead of me back to Canada so if I leave here nice and early Ill get home by hopefully dinnertime so Im gonna enjoy my dick dinner breakfast here which is gonna be obviously Turkey tried a few I tried a few pieces inside there just make sure make sure its nice and cooked oh if mu is super delicious was super tender its not truly at all not one bit who knocked it all apart perfect separation auto oil could have been basted slightly more slightly more just a little oil on top every time flip it stop maam is it tender perfect meat so we end up doing 200 degrees mm 175 and cook up on it Im gonna leave it in the stove for them so that they can feast on it throughout the day make themselves from tricky sandwiches because like I said I gotta hit the road I gotta get back home I hope you guys think its worth it that I stay around for one more morning in order to cook up my turkey so guys you want me to come back up here and do more shooting let me know you guys got to come home with me and experience many more adventures Im very grateful for that oh were back home that was a long drive 12 hours I got myself a speeding permit I stopped calling them tickets and fines its one of these things that you get for speeding every once in a while its your speeding permit the best part about this its a tough process we the what is my point ye are Quebec do serve any saint the law thats pretty good average I put on about 2500 kilometers all the way the meaning back only one speeding permit dont speed guys its not good we all do it you guys know it you all do it sometimes we get caught door was on faints Angela you guys figure out how much that is leave it down in the comments you guys want me to go back to Maine hopefully no more speeding permits next time

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