Best way to farm Condition overload

drekar butcher
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have the guys and this year and were showing off the way to get pretty much the best way to farm condition overload now condition overload you know my opinion very good my really good I highly recommend it but again Im not gonna if youd watch this video you probably already know it does Im sorry lets just all just show you where the location is so again if you if youve done some basic base research into our where that how to get this mod youll know they are you drops from our deck up witches and if you also know its like a 0.02 percent chance of drop rate which is ridiculous but again this model is pretty good so I understand and from my playing and you know from seeing from other people in my research I think the place that spawns the most butchers or dake are butchers is probably this place right here you know the mission F Allah now this mission arm its a survival show as you can see so that means youre

going to have the most enemies coming in with you know most variety of enemies coming in to attack you and you can do this for quite a while you notice life you can farm for 15 minutes which is what I recommend and usually once you get to rotation B which you know if you dont know that is every other thing I think rotation B applies to survival well rotations but like every true like every 10 minutes it was switch to them bet Allah will come up I by the time you get to rotation B Ive done some pretty good mods from that like just yeah you can get pretty good high drop rates from that and you can get a certain relic so this is also a good thing to do while so follow me for cognition overload you can also get even higher loot if you go for 15 minutes and so this is probably the best place to do it in my opinion and well from what from what other people recommending this is

also probably the best place to do it you could probably go around and you can probably do the deployers defense mission you if you want to as well but again I feel like this is far the best way because you just got this whole entire area and its you know its i just feel like its a lot better than doing a defense when doing this well when when farming for a while like this and you wanted like a pacific enemy to kill so if you do want to get it I would recommend doing this im guess you can also guess if youre a high level player best thing to do is go on a team because thats gonna increase the spawn right of enemies so that means more enemies gonna be spawning in that means theres a higher chance or no ha chance but that means there are more enemy more Drakkar butchers coming in I mean gives you a higher chance of actually doing him and if you have any teammates that are like a

necklace or a hydrate with the I think his for augment that could also increase it I think it I think it doesnt I think it only increases to like 0.06 for nekros every single time you put the effect on but thats why way if you are recommend getting those teams to increase your chance even more but you could say you can still you dont really need it again it would be wise to do that because it would be the quick over even quicker but you know alright and also I when I while Ive been doing this mission because you know I I havent gotten the module I had just finally added some research and done a couple testing and this is best era I havent gotten to yet but um this is the best thing Ive seen so Im just gonna recommend this to you but our teams do come here not regularly but there are teams here sporadically Ive Ive Ive joined this mission salesmen shop and Ive joined into a team before most time

use ever nekros or hydroid with that you know with their fourth or grant if you do join with um with you know a squad that does have a Hydra with are in it I recommend just let the tenth the tentacles kill everything its about the best way most of time or you not a kill everything but any butchers during kills them straight away lets if you have a hydrant near you Ill let him spoil his tentacles and then that can kill them then youll get more I recommend doing that but you know you know best place to do it I would go here if you do want to get this most efficient way and if you also Ive gotten much before if you if you want to see what a Drake up butcher looks like you know Ill pop it up here forgot to mention that Ill put it here and you know if you if you want to get the smaller overcoming going you Im pretty good place and oh yeah Im just gonna VD here

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