Assessment – Mental Status – Orientation, Memory

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the next set of tests are just going to be some questions and some things were going to do and again were looking and and with these to look at certain functions as far as the brain and perfectly how

the the hemispheres of the brain work the sukkah hemispheres so well shut off like Im going to ask you to remember three objects the first object would be a red rose the blue car and their doctor can be

a basketball so what are those three objects a red rose a blue car and a basketball very good what month is it ten and what date 27 or what day of the week Wednesday in where you look where

were you right now at University Hospital very good um what did you have for dinner last night teriyaki chicken and rice okay can you start at the current president and start naming the presidents back two or the last

mr. president of the United States um George W Bush Bill Clinton George Bush Ronald Reagan Jimmy Carter okay and now can you member the three things I asked remember that red rose the blue car and a basketball very good

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