Anime App: Anime Trakr For iOS iPad – Myanimelist Add On (2014)

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hey guys I hope you all are doing well today and I have another interesting video from yours truly that Ana Bangkok but youre probably wondering why is she staring at the iPad well this is my iPad 3 with Retina display and Im going to show you application that is anime related that I feel you guys might find it useful might not but scrunch all those comments and those in the comment section and hopefully you can hit up that thumbs up button and hopefully you guys enjoy the show but were going to be taking a look at and may tracker now anime tracker is an application that you could sink my anime lists a count tour which is pretty awesome so you guys is probably pumped up and excited about this but at the same time it has its drawbacks so hopefully um I keep you guys entertained so lets take a look at this application and just to remind you guys this application is for free so Im not going to tell you that you know you have to pay an arm in the lake but to fully upgrade this application you are going to have to pay for it so lets take a look at you know the search and two searches searching you know for some enemies series that you want to look out for you know your check in which is gives you the next to watch or next to collect your episode feed and this is pretty cool on your episode fee if you want to UM scroll to the left if it lets me do it there we go if you want to scroll to the left arm you are able to share by Facebook Twitter or email which is pretty cool you can click on watch not to collect collect and gives you all those options you have your series which is planning to are planning to watch what youre watching or what you have complete and this things right from your my enemy list account which is pretty cool

but like I said on guys it is some drawbacks about this application so since its for since if you are paying it for free Im not going to argue about that you have your movies planning complete and drop you have your seasons it gives you winter 2014 for 2014 summer 2013 so that is pretty neat and I just cannot wait to to receive the spring 2014 because of some anime titles I am dying to watch and hopefully they do a good first impression and you have your reminders your schedule reminders you know gives me the season one killer kill and the cetera of anime series Ive been watching run hit done and you have your settings so your settings give you your set default screen import from my enemy list like the Facebook page you know etc or you know report issues so thats pretty good so youre probably wondering whats so bad about this application which Im going to explain to you guys and what some good things about this application as well but um if you want to import you know for my anime lists which Im going to pick up right now lets see youre going to import it from my enemy list and you only have to provide my enemy list name you dont have to put no password so that makes you feel kind of safe in the way when you think about it but since I already did it Im gonna kick cancel and skip and hit done now the thing about this application here guys its for free but if you want to fully unlock the whole application it is going to be 49 and I personally feel this application is not worth $4.99 no no I feel that this application should be like maybe $2.99 $1.99 but other than that I feel this is a pretty cool application now you probably want to know what is the pros and cons about this application now the pros is that the fact is mobile you could carry it around and

from a tablet or you have a cell phone like the iPhone and it is easier for you to keep track of your anime series and the fact that is not a laptop so its not really extremely heavy and the user interface of this application is pretty neat so I feel that they did a good job and trust me I am a design student so you know I am very picky about applications and you probably wonder what is the con about that since I just told you the pros about this application the cons about this application is when you sync my anime less account it does not sync everything so that is the downfall which I do not like but at the same time is still a good application I know you like that thumbs up rearm thumbs up reaction well I still feel that its okay application but it does not sync 100% which sucks so I feel that is okay like for instance um 87 complete as you guys can see right there I have more than 87 complete I have almost 150 or more completed because Ive been watching enemy for a while but it does not sync a hundred percent so thats the downfall I dont like about this application but guys let me know what you think about the video in the comments below and if you are interested of getting this application or let me know if you want to see more videos like this in the future of my channel when it comes to arm and it may relate it dealing with iOS and maybe I could get some Android um vacations as well since Im planning on getting an Android tablet hopefully you guys enjoyed the show dont forget to check out my last video which was Kay limited edition anime unboxing dont forget Im on Twitter and I have my anime less account information in the video description and I will see you all in the next episode take care and you guys have a good one peace

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