An Overview of SalesLogix Web CRM

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saleslogix web comes packed with all the same great features as the land client and more besides a welcome page shows recent activity and provides access to recently viewed data tutorials and quick actions thus providing a one-stop-shop for users to get to grips with the functionality dashboard functionality provides users with the information that they want to see and can be displayed either graphically or in group format dashboards can be

configured by users as they require thus enhancing their productivity the main entities can be accessed from the navigation bar on the left hand side which is subdivided into a sales area including an area to log leads and opportunities a marketing area including full campaign functionality a service area including tickets contracts and returns entities and a support area including functionality to log and track product defects there is also a

tool bar area where users can perform common tasks including the ability to quickly return to recently viewed records input new information scheduled activities the form mail merges and carry out administrative tasks depending on their access rights the web client also has similar right-click functionality as the LAN client thus allowing the user to quickly navigate around the system looking at a main entity view such as a company or account

the main information is in the top half of the screen and taps below contain additional related information or with convenient hyperlinks to navigate to the required record and account timeline provides a user a great snapshot of what has happened when with a prospect or customer thus providing 360-degree visibility of all departmental interactions with a customer or prospect hyperlink into an opportunity we see a similar look and feel with

information surrounding a particular sales opportunity including products contacts competitors and sales processes the web client also has an activities area listing all outstanding activities including reminders and meeting invitations it includes full calendar functionality which will also integrate with Outlook there is a document library to store generic documentation and saleslogix also comes with full crystal reporting functionality is standard saleslogix web access your CRM system whenever and wherever you are

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