Advanced OBS settings – Keyframe interval – CPU preset – Downscale filter

keyframe interval
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hello ladies and gentlemen and here we are with a advanced OBS guide we will be talking about three settings in specific where we will be talking about keyframe intervals CPU presets and downscale filters why are we talking about this these are the three settings that arent talked about at all really and people just screw around with them uh their streams trying to lag or look bad and you dont quite know what to do and they just give up on streaming and we dont want that to happen so lets jump right in so what are

keyframe intervals or specifically key frames key frames are the points in the video where the where the entire frame is sent instead of just a differences of a frame having a keyframe interval of two means it takes at most two seconds for the viewer to catch up to the point where they can properly display to feed this is specifically for twitch since there are a lot of people that watch on mobile and they just need that slight buffer to catch up with the stream to watch it smoothly so moving on to CPU presets uh

well a CPU preset basically does the faster it is the less CPU processing power goes into encoding an image it has all to do with how much CPU you can use uh the slower it is the more CPU power it will take the better the image will look but the problem is just leave it at very fast thats norm you dont really need more unless you have a dedicated streaming PC then you could go to somewhere between fast and medium depending on what you have in the streaming pc uh if youre recording a video

though depending on what video you will record you can change it like for instance Im using right now medium for this so you know it always depends on what you want to record uh since you can like stop the recording and then you just can reinvigorate what what settings youre going to use uh moving on to downscale filters downscale filters is is specifically something that isnt talked about at all a lot a lot of people just so dont know what it does what it does it takes a small bit of CP CPU resources to

crisp up the image in short detail its basically re-rendering an image to make it look more crisp in theory provides the best possible reconstruction of an image so 32 samples of course is of course the best if you want you can set it to 16 samples but if you are having high encoding and your CPU cant keep up with it just set it to the default uh this was it for this short guide this was just something to show you guys what these settings do so you can optimize your OBS settings to your computer

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