32. Inverse Selection

how to invert selection in photoshop
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hey guys Im welcome to your next tutorial and what were gonna be doing in this tutorial is gonna be working on selection uh and not just any suction youre doing in the past you know were just gonna quickly focus on on inverse selection just making make a new image 640 by 360 you should know how to do this by now and then make the background color right bright blue half bright blue alright now I should make it pretty bright okay anyways so lets um what were gonna be doing is make a new layer call it boxes once again were working with boxes rectangular marquee tool
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hold shift while youre making it make it a perfect box and then lets dump it and make it brown now brown is a dark dark red okay lets dump it make another box right here actually make lets make another one Brown another one Brown so I have three bombed box boxes on this one layer and now lets what were gonna do is were gonna take our paint brush and just kind of scribble around do something that you want to delete like its kind of scribble around here alright make you like my bin like make it like all around and then you want to delete this
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something wanna delete all right like that like yeah alright so thats that and okay so lets say you want to delete the green um really quickly without deleting anything thats around how would you do that now lets go to our magic wand tool now we want to select all the brown on our screen and in our early tutorials you learned how to do this unselected you continuous and then select it and all three will be selected now this is pretty easy now what we have to do is select the in verse how do I select the in verse you right-click on a part that we
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make sure you have the magic wand tool selected the the the lasso tool socket or the rectangular elliptical tool select any of these selection tools and then select the inverse alright then what thats gonna do its gonna select anything but you have selected and since we have these drawings on the same layer we can actually just stay on the same layer instead of going the background we can actually delete these all right so thats it were back to clean and thats what I really wanted to teach you and you know thats it for this tutorial and thats base you know hope you enjoyed it stay tuned
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