180 lbs to kg

180 pounds to kg
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hello everyone will come back to my channel into this lesson I want to show you how to convert pound to kilogram and in this case we wont convert 180 pounds to kilograms so 180 pounds equals how many kilogram thats a question and this is a formula that well use to solve the problem so one pound equals 1 / 2.20 5 kilogram and this

is the intersection first just write a question again 180 pound equals how many kilograms and this is a formula one pound equals 1 / 2 point 2 or 5 kilogram and this is a solution this is how solve the problem so first just write down the formula again from here to here okay so this is the formula and then you multiply this number

with 180 and this number with 180 s as well the reason why we have 180 here and 1 and 180 here is because the only number we have from the question is 180 alright so we want to make an equation because you want to make an equation we need to have 180 here and 180 here as well okay all right now 180 times

1 pound equals 180 pound and these number times 180 equals 180 / 2 point 2 or 5 kilogram and 180 pound equals 180 / 2 point 2 or 5 kilogram equals 81 point six three two and thats all of it thats the answer Thank You fortune in Baba hi thank you so much for watching this video before you close this video please subscribe

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180 lbs to kg
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