10 types of Plaid

types of plaid
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sup fam so today were doing a different type of video which is why Im standing in front of my closet so recently my channels been under a little bit of scrutiny for the amount of plaid that I wear thats just an everyday thing for me so I just thought why not make a video just kind of making fun of myself and like plaid wears everywhere so I thought why not just make a video showcasing my many plaids while making fun of a bunch of people because thats the type of humor we have here on the simply Bri channel we like making jokes at other peoples expenses including mine but its all good so without further ado lets get into the video ten types of plaid here we go okay so number one the white boy plaid this is by far the most viewed type of plaid there is so everybody has this type of flat its just that basic bigger plaid that you see that looks like the generic two-tone plaid that all the basic white boys have and some of the girls have and its just in all the stores and everybody has one of these shirts number two so this is the lumberjack plaid so a lumberjack plaid normally has like I feel like different colors and it normally has like some kind of like a red green or blue and it kind of is like a bit more of a baggy straight fit and it just feels like a thick material that you would find a lumberjack in the woods wearing to like stay warm and its just like one of those kind of manly looking plaids that doesnt have any like form it just kind of does what it wants so I feel like thats one of those plaids that especially if youre like from Canada or like up north or someplace where its

cold I feel like a lot of people have those types of plaids and you just look like a lumberjack I dont know if you can see this is probably like so dumb right now so next we have the dead plaid this is that plaid that like only dad I swear and me cuz Im Im me this is that plaid that your dad wears you know its basic like its one color but it has lines that resemble a flag pattern and just have absolutely no shape a very boxy in the sleeves and overall appearance and its one of those shirts that that a dad would wear because hes given up on fashion and life so up next we have the girly plaid this is that plaid that it looks like a plaid but its not a flannel and you just get those ones that you just see on Instagram and it looks like really feminine and it has like that pattern but without the actual feel of being in a flannel and its normally a little starchy and uncomfortable but it looks like a feminine thing that your mom would be okay with you wearing okay so next up is the lesbian plaid this is that plaid shirt that hugs in all the right places and makes you be like huh you know that plaid but it gets you thinking and you just look at a girl and you go my mom bought this for me cuz she thought it was a good idea it was not I had to wear this to a Christian usually so this is the preppy plaid it looks a little out of shape but thats because Im a messy person and mine is full of wrinkles but basically this is the preppy plaid its that plaid that the rich people get with the comb back hair and the nice shoes and you know

theyre all clean-cut and proper like those kids who like always those kids who listen to their parents and have good grades and theyre trying to wear plaid for like some reason because they think it makes them look like a good kid even though Platts not really associated with that anymore but theyre stuck in the past so they dont care about that at all okay so this is the white girl plaid its that plaid that all the basic white girls get at like blue notes or so playing and its kind of more like a tight shapely fit but this is not to be confused with the lesbian flab because it just kind of looks more straight and its just kind of like its a bit boxy but also hugs and some of the right places too to give that more feminine physique I also want to add in its also a flannel and like super comfortable were a lesbian plaid is normally made out of some kind of like spandex see youre almost feeling material where this one is like just your basic flannel cuz its comfy cuz its like the basic white girls who like to wear sweatpants with their flannels instead of jeans and being edgy like I do even though Ive got sweatpants on right now so I completed the look this is the edgy plaid this is that plaid that you know is definitely from the mens section but theres a girl rocking it and its that plaid that all the girls get from the mens section and you can just just tell that its meant for a man because it is way too big and its in generic kind of masculine colors and you can tell that that girls wearing it to be like yeah mom I buy stuff from the mens section what youre gonna do about it and they think theyre all

and cool and are basically me but this is low-key me but you know I make it work somehow just depends on the purse okay and this is the serial killer plaid so this is the plaid shirt thats normally more baggy in the elbow area and its kind of ill-fitted its normally worn by like a skinnier person and its like really baggy and more rounded to kind of like to seal everything and a majority of the time its in green I dont know why theres something thats very ominous about the green color it just makes you think of a serial killer and its normally paired with some of these yeah so you pair these on with a nice flannel and look you got your friend Dahmer over here and finally we have the thats not plaid plaid this is that plaid that your mom or dad mostly mom picks up at the local supermarket and theres like I saw this and thought of you and you asked why they thought this would go well in your wardrobe and they respond because its plaid and you look at them and say thats not plaid but they dont hear that at all and just give you that shirt and its in the back of your closet for an eternity hey guys so thanks for watching my ten types of plaid video if you guys want to see types of inserts something here video you guys want to see any other videos that have to do with types of whatever let me know in the comment section down below remember to give this video a big thumbs up and share with all your friends and remember to subscribe if you havent already I hope that you guys have a great Wednesday I will see yall on Friday catch you later I believe salsa be like that cant believe it youre so simple

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