1.5 as a fraction

1.5 in fraction
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and science in this video lets rewrite 1.5 as a fraction so we have the number with a decimal 1.5 the first thing I would like to do is just place it over 1 now what I would like to do is move the decimal to the far right so I need to move it one place to the right and we have ones in tens so I can do that by multiplying numerator and

denominator by 10 when I do that that gives me 1.5 times 10 is 15 and 1 times 10 is 10 so now I need to reduce or simplify the fraction 15 10 I can do that by finding a greatest common factor and Im going to use a factor tree so the factors prime factors for 15 is 5 and 3 and then for 10 you have 5 times 2 circle the prime numbers

and so now those are the prime numbers for 15 and 10 what I think is easiest thing to do is just create a little chart and write the prime numbers in the chart the prime numbers of 15 or 5 & 3 & 4 10 are 5 & 2 so now the rule is if youre finding the GCF the greatest common factor if you have a vertical pair then you can bring down

one number and so we have a vertical pair here but not here so the greatest common factor is 5 so now lets go back to the number the fraction we are reducing and Im going to divide 15 by 5 and 10 by 5 and that gives me 15 divided by 5 equals 3 10 divided by 5 is 2 3 halves and if you would like you can further convert that to an

improper fact fraction 2 goes into 3 one time with excuse me 2 goes into 3 one time with a remainder of 1 and Ill place that over the two so its one and a half so if you rewrite 1.5 is a fraction you can write as 3 over 2 or 1/2 I hope that helps thanks for watching and moomoomath uploads a new math and science video every day please subscribe and share

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