[1.5, 1.6] How To Breed Sea Turtles in Minecraft PE [Bedrock Edition]

how to breed turtles
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what is up one axes are gathered here with another minecraft bedrock edition video today I will be showing you how to breathe sea turtles in bedrock edition now this mod was added on version 1.5 and you may be wondering if its even possible to breed them well yes it is possible but they also have a very special interaction that you may be confused at first if you can see the turtle eggs quickly so Im gonna show you how to bring them in also this very special interaction now first you need to find two fully grown sea turtles and give them their specific item or food which is sea grass now I have my shears here and Im gonna collect at least two because you know you need only two sea turtles for
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this to work and then Im gonna look for the sea turtles now I have one here I just need to find another one and maybe well get to it very quickly now as you can see the turtle is already chasing me which means that it is very very interested in me and if I just remove it from my hotbar it doesnt interest its not interested in me anymore now Im gonna need to look for another one and a very good tip is to just keep the sea grass on your inventory or on your hand and eventually to sea turtles will appear right next to you chasing you for the precious food so Ill be right back Ill find the other turtle all right I got two sea turtles with me right here
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and Im gonna proceed to give them the sea grass and as you can see they will be in love and now it is done but you may be wondering whats going on now where are the eggs they breed well the thing that very special interaction is that one of the turtles will contain the eggs in their inventory and they will swim to their homeland in order to place the eggs for example this turtle seems to have the eggs so it is now swimming towards its birthplace in order to place the eggs for you he might be stuck a little bit just need to be patient and yeah no matter how far this turtle has gone it will always go back to the same place now if you want you could help the
The Voltreport how-to-breed-turtles-10 [1.5, 1.6] How To Breed Sea Turtles in Minecraft PE [Bedrock Edition]
turtle sometimes for this to make it a little bit more efficient and there we go the turtle has landed in its first place it will now go to a random sample Ock wait for a few moments and then place the eggs just look at that there you go it has been done now if the once the turtle moves you will see the eggs for now just need to look at the turtle and there you go now on average you can only plan from one to four eggs so right here in only place – and all you need to do is wait for a few moments or lets say one full cycle or so and the eggs will spawn a very very tiny little turtle but now Im gonna go to creative to
The Voltreport how-to-breed-turtles-11 [1.5, 1.6] How To Breed Sea Turtles in Minecraft PE [Bedrock Edition]
very very small turtle because they are actually extremely small thats a big one thats a very very small one look at that super tiny super tiny turtle and yes it will go into the sea and theres a very big chance it will lose it forever so that is the baby turtle and that is how you breed sea turtles on Minecraft 1.5 and so on so this is pretty much it hope you guys enjoyed this video that is how you breathe sea turtles and theyre very unique interaction if you guys would like to see more tutorials make sure to let me know in the comments and if you guys found this very useful make sure to leave a like and Ill see you next time have a great day see ya bye bye
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